A preschool student and a middle school student smiling at each other
A middle school boy and an elementary school boy coloring with chalk outside

I know what you’re thinking; Wolfpacks are pretty awesome, right? Roaming around the woodland with all your pals, getting into all sorts of shenanigans, howling at the moon. Sounds like the good life to me too. So we wanted to bring this rad concept to Westside, with a few adaptations being that we’re humans and all (Although we do call ourselves the ‘Westside Wolves’).

One of the coolest attributes of actual wolfpacks is that those puppies take care of one another. That’s right - once you’re in a pack, the pack’s got your back! So we decided to form cross-grade level Wolfpacks that meet on a monthly basis. The students get together and work on community building projects, themed artwork and character developing activities.

The older students are able to take on leadership roles while the younger students develop strong bonds with older friends around the school. A student will generally stay with the same wolfpack for their entire Westside experience, so it is a brilliant bonding opportunity for all.

Kindergarten and 4th grader creating beaded necklaces together
An elementary school student and a middle school student making paper snowflakes