Technology and Literacy

Westside School’s Technology and Literacy program has been established to support our mission and values. Technology and Literacy is intentionally integrated into the curriculum of all classroom teachers to enhance student learning. Our school offers a variety of devices including Windows, iMacs, and iPads as well as a purposefully designed space known as the Technology Literacy Commons (TLC).

The TLC is an area for all students to explore, create, work, and research. The TLC houses our diverse library collection, as well as a commons where students have opportunities to engage in learning through technology and literacy.

An integral part of the Technology and Literary program at Westside is digital citizenship. Students from Kindergarten through eighth grade learn about digital citizenship with a focus on rights and responsibilities as well as internet safety in order to be responsible users with their devices. PK-4th classes use iPads to integrate technology to support student learning. While within the Middle School, iPads provide a one to world environment where technology is used as a resource for students to learn and create as well as to support teachers with their instruction.

Westside School’s Middle School program provides exploratory options for students to choose classes of their interest that range from creative writing to yoga and meditation. Regarding technology, students have the choice to take classes such as introduction to computer science and programming languages such as Python, block programming, LEGO robotics, interactive fiction writing, and technical theater.