Physical Education

Student running outside with a pool noodle

Learning to Move with Competence and Confidence

At Westside School, our Physical Education class is built on joyful exploration. Throughout their time at Westside, they learn to move with competence and confidence in a wide variety of physical activities and in many settings that benefit the healthy development of the whole child.

Westside’s state of the art gym and our all-weather turf field are places where students are encouraged to have fun! They learn to cooperate and collaborate. They develop a sense of self and community and the importance of committing to a healthy lifestyle. Our students are encouraged to understand the importance of daily exercise and seek ways to improve their fitness.

In P.E. class, children develop team-building and social skills. Our program has a strong emphasis on social and emotional learning which develops interpersonal and intrapersonal skills through physical activity. Students demonstrate skills and concepts in movement such as balance and body stillness, and manipulative skills such as throwing, catching, dribbling, volleying, and striking.

Westside students identify opportunities in their community for exercise and play. They begin to set goals for their physical wellness and work toward those goals throughout the school year. Students learn they are physically capable beings with minds and bodies built to move. They leave Westside School with competence and confidence in their physical selves which allows them a lifetime of opportunities.

P.E. Learning Highlights by Grade

Two students laughing during basketball camp