Outdoor Education


Two students with hiking backpacks on looking over the railing of a bridge at a stream below

At Westside School we believe in the value of experiential education: hands-on projects, field trips, service learning, and outdoor experiences all provide opportunities for students to engage in authentic learning. Our curriculum intentionally incorporates several off-campus trips each year, including at least two multi-day adventures that integrate academic learning goals with personal and collaborative growth.

Our Outdoor Education program provides distinct opportunities for students to take on new challenges, stretch their comfort zone, and develop outdoor skills. Through these adventures, students build confidence, strengthen class unity, practice social awareness and skills, and foster a deep appreciation for the wonders of the outdoors.

A group of middle school students hiking at Mt. Rainier


We hope these experiences will spark a lifetime pursuit of safe, ecologically responsible, fun-filled outdoor adventures in our students. To support students best, trips are led jointly by Westside School staff in collaboration with local wilderness adventure guides. All trips have leaders certified in CPR and Wilderness First Aid (at a minimum).

For questions, please contact Colleen McCullagh (colleenm@westsideschool.org)