Fifth Grade

5th Grade students measuring
5th grade students hand dyeing yarn

Developing Personal Responsibility

Welcome to middle school at Westside School! Our teachers know that this is a big transition from lower school to middle school, and they are here to support every student! In fifth grade, students begin developing the personal responsibility and organizational skills needed for a successful middle school experience (and beyond) through a combined structure designed to slowly introduce this new phase of education.

Fifth graders have a combined humanities (language arts & social studies) class to give them the feeling of a homeroom, while transitioning between our other core classes in a more traditional middle school model. With an emphasis on teamwork and critical thinking, and a number of integrated projects between content areas, we continue our focus on growth mindset and preparing them for the level of instruction and work that they can expect for the remainder of their middle school years. Critical thinking is a key focus of the fifth grade year.



"Academics is a major part of our daughter’s learning experience. However, just as important to our family was the social development towards becoming a well rounded citizen and community member. Our kids are socialized into a culture of kindness, safety, and the opportunity to appreciate service." -Westside Parent
Four girls outside at a cross country meet


  • Physical Sciences
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Music of Resistance
  • Math and Baseball
  • Dual instruction in Chinese and Spanish
  • Humanities


  • Journey of Heroes
  • Climate Justice


  • Mt. Rainer Fall Camping Trip
  • Bainbridge Art Museum
  • South Seattle College Chinese Gardens and Arboretum
  • Tacoma Rainers Baseball Game