Third Grade

Ownership & Individuality

In third grade, students start to self-assess, set goals, and learn to monitor their own work. Throughout the year we teach whole group concepts, confer individually with each student, and hold small group target instruction based on data. Third graders are expected to be more independent students as we begin teaching them organizational skills and hold them more accountable for completing tasks intrinsically. We also encourage third graders to bring their creativity to various projects, allowing for more ownership and individuality in their learning. Working independently, in small groups, or as a class, third graders take charge of their learning and begin to recognize their own specific learning profile!


Third Grade Highlights

  • Mary's Place Community Drive
  • The Science of Sound: Recycled Instruments
  • Fairytales
  • Overnight at Camp Sealth

Why Westside?

A Westside education has all the components for academic success, but equally important includes the art of teaching social-emotional learning, creative problem-solving skills, communication, cooperation, and accountability."