Setting A Solid Foundation

In Kindergarten, our main goals are to develop a love of learning and set a solid foundation for social-emotional learning. We focus on learning to self-regulate emotions, advocate for personal needs with peers, and working collaboratively with peers. In addition, we work on building confidence in Kindergartner's newly found skills while we continue to explore the world around them.

Kindergarten Highlights

  • Pumpkin exploration
  • Clouds, water cycle, and rainbows
  • Visiting specialists
  • Humane Society Drive
  • Friendsgiving
  • Kindermart


Why Westside?

"We wanted our son's education to go beyond letters and math. We want to raise a human that has empathy, curiosity, and an understanding of the vastness of the world. We wanted him to have space for rigor and creativity, an opportunity to experience and benefit from difference, and feel empowered to use his voice early and often while hearing the voices of others, etc. We saw those opportunities at Westside."