Fourth Grade

Student looking through a microscope
Four students outside in nature smiling at the camera

Embracing a Growth Mindset

By the time students arrive in fourth grade, they have developed a wide range of academic and social skills. The goals at this stage are to continue building and deepening their skillset, continue growing into independent learners, embracing a growth mindset, building leadership skills, and reflecting on who they are as learners and community members. Students are given more responsibility in order to develop self-management skills and become more independent. Through differentiation and a focus on equity, we aim to meet students where they are at and make sure each child has what they need to be successful.


Fourth Grade Highlights

  • Leadership: Wolf Fest
  • Sustainable Energy Podcast Debates
  • Literature Circles
  • Washington State Geography
  • Overnight Trip to Islandwood

Why Westside?

"Academics is a major part of our daughter’s learning experience. However, just as important to our family was the social development towards becoming a well-rounded citizen and community member. Our kids are socialized into a culture of kindness, safety, and the opportunity to appreciate service."