Westside's Travel & Exposure Policy

Westside School follows current CDC travel guidelines for our travel policy. 

For UNVACCINATED individuals:

After any travel, domestic or international, that results in exposure to people outside of your usual bubble, unvaccinated individuals may not return to campus until:

  • 7 days following the end of travel AND a negative COVID-19 test (taken at least 4 days after travel)
  • 10 days of home quarantine 

For VACCINATED individuals:

Vaccinated individuals are not required to test or quarantine after domestic travel. After international travel, vaccinated individuals may not return to campus until:

  • Receiving a negative COVID-19 test taken at least 4 days after travel

If you have any travel plans, please inform your Division Head as soon as those travel plans are made:

Due to resource limitations, traveling and quarantining students will not be provided remote learning accommodations.