If There is a Positive Case


IF THERE IS A POSITIVE CASE ON CAMPUS Westside School will notify Public Health Seattle & King County using the online reporting system COVID-19 Intake Survey and follow all recommendations and instructions.



If it is confirmed that an individual with COVID-19 has been on campus during their contagious period (while symptomatic or 48 hours before symptoms / a positive test), the entire school community will be informed. The affected individuals' grade level will be informed and advised of next steps separately.

Portions of the school, including single classes, multiple grade levels, and/or whole divisions, may close for a minimum of 1 day for contact tracing and evaluation on a case-by-case basis. This will be determined by the Head of School and Pandemic Response Coordinator and will be dependent on the timing of reporting, the number of grades affected, and the availability of details for informed decision making. 

The privacy of individual(s) will always be protected, and no names or identifying information will ever be released to the school community. 


Because of the nature of most Westside School classrooms and activities, it is likely that a majority of students in an affected cohort will be identified as “close contacts” of a positive case. Even in the case that some students can be confidently excluded from the “close contact” list, we currently do not have the resources to offer both remote and in-person instruction simultaneously. For these reasons, response procedures will apply to entire affected cohorts, and cohorts may move to remote learning for the duration of a required quarantine period. A quarantine period is defined as:

  • 10 days after last contact without additional testing

  • 7 days after last contact, with a negative test taken on or after day 5


More than two unrelated (different household) positive cases within our community will result in an expansion of response procedures for affected portions of the school, based on case specific information. This may include the move to remote learning, and/or “test to stay” requirements for students and classes who have not been initially identified as close contacts of a positive case, but utilize the same common and transitional spaces.

Westside School will consider moving the entire school to remote learning in response to evidence that our mitigations strategies have not been successful in limiting spread within our community.