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Privacy & Terms of Use

The Westside School website serves as a resource for individuals both inside and outside of the Westside School community. The site functions as a central means of communication among faculty, parents, students, and board. Prospective families and employees are also included in its target audience. Users are able to access up-to-date news, calendars, and schedules. The School's philosophy, history, curriculum, admissions materials, and campus maps are also available on the website, as are employment listings.

Acceptable Use

Westside School has adopted and enforces the standards set forth in this Website Policy for materials posted on its website and on any related Westside School website. The School reserves the right to remove or disable access to material that violates its acceptable use policies. However, the School does not assume any responsibility or liability for content provided by others, including content provided by faculty, staff, and students on their own personal web pages, nor does Westside School assume any liability or responsibility for failure to enforce its acceptable use standards as set forth herein.

Privacy Regulations

Personal contact information for students, parents, and faculty, including home and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other information that could be used by unauthorized individuals, will not be published on any Westside School related website. Student and parent contact information is available only to parents, students, and employees through The Westside School Roster, which is published by the Office Manager/Registrar. Personal contact information for faculty is only accessible to employees.

In order for student photographs to be included on the Westside School website, there must be a release signed by the student's parent or legal guardian on file in the Business Office.

Westside School’s website is owned and operated by Westside School. By accessing or using this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

General Provisions

Westside School is not liable or responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on its website. We assume no liability or responsibility for any damages arising from a visitor's use of, or inability to use, a site. The contents are provided as general information only and are not intended as legal advice. Westside School makes no warranty, either express or implied, regarding the completeness, accuracy, or currency of this information or its suitability for any particular purpose. Some of the information or material on this site may be affected by current legislative, regulatory, judicial, or other developments which are not reflected here; you should not rely solely on the information on this site, but should confirm that it remains complete and correct before relying upon it.

In addition, our website may contain hypertext links to other websites. Such links are provided for your convenience and are not intended as an endorsement by Westside School of the organizations operating those sites. Westside School is not responsible for the information those sites contain, nor their privacy practices.

Westside School may also post material prepared by other organizations and individuals not employed by Westside School for informational purposes.

Westside School does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in such material and we are not responsible for the completeness, accuracy, or currency of the information.

Westside School reserves the right to alter the content of any of its sites and to terminate a site at any time without notice.