Extended Day Program

Westside School believes that all students can succeed in school with the right combination of quality programs, focused resources and community support Increasingly, research has shown that participation in out-of-school-time (EDP) programs can lead to improvements in youth’s educational outcomes (e.g., academic achievement, school behavior, attitudes toward school, attendance and educational expectations); enhance social and emotional development (e.g., self-esteem, positive social behavior); and reduce the likelihood that they will engage in risk-taking behavior.

Westside School offers an inclusive, multi-aged Extended Day Program, designed to engage interest of all kinds, so that every child can something they truly enjoy! The Extended Day Team is committed to providing a safe and supportive environment both physically and emotionally for before and after school, where children can learn, grow, make friends, and explore new interests all while having fun! Families have the option of early drop off, late pick-up, or a combination of both.

Monthly extended day care is available by printing and completing the grade appropriate contracts in Westside School's Parent Portal. Payment is made through ACH, which will debit from your account on the first of each month. If you don’t need consistent care, there is always an option of daily drop-In care. We ask that you register no later than noon on the day of care so that we may staff the program accordingly.
Here's the link to sign up for drop-in care.
For more information regarding our Extended Day Program, contact childcare@westsideschool.org.