Virtual Fundraiser

A 6th grade student plucking a viola

Thank you to the entire Westside community for uniting around Westside during our virtual fundraising campaign. You have proven that Westside Wolves truly do stick together. 

Launching a virtual campaign was new territory for us and we entered this process knowing the potential reality of not meeting our fundraising goals this year, but thanks to our Westside community we are excited to announce that we EXCEEDED our overall fundraising goal!

Our community’s response to Friday’s virtual event is a public announcement that Westside is loved and supported, and we are so very grateful.

To date, Westside has raised $125,000 for Tuition Assistance and an incredible $172,000 in additional funds to be used where it is needed most.

Did you miss the event? You can watch it here!  


2020 Spring Fundraiser: Because Wolves Stick Together

Each spring, Westside parents come together at our Auction to collectively raise funds for our program. There are three primary fundraising goals for this annual event: Supporting our operating budget, our Tuition Assistance program, and a Fund-A-Wish unique to the needs of each year. Raising these funds is crucial, and your support directly enhances each student’s education experience at Westside School.

While the Westside community has been adjusting to quarantining at home, the Advancement Committee has been re-imagining and re-inventing our annual Auction--Westside’s largest community event and fundraiser of the year. The Wolves Stick Together Virtual Campaign from May 11-18 will be in place of our 2020 Spring Auction.

Virtual Silent Auction from May 11-May 15

Middle School Spanish teacher pointing at students while students write on whiteboards

Feeling the need for some retail therapy? Starting on Monday, May 11 there will be many great items to bid on, including teacher experiences, buy-in parties, unique experiences, gift cards and more. Get a sneak peak of what is available here!

A Novel Fundraiser:
Because Wolves Stick Together

Join us May 15 from 7:00-7:30 p.m for a special virtual event hosted by Fred Northup Jr. with special guests and performances, some great “live” items to bid on, and a chance to raise your paddle for Tuition Assistance! Grab a glass of wine, make a fancy cocktail, and join us for the biggest virtual event of the year.

Order a special cocktail kit for 2
The Westside School Board of Trustees have crafted specialty cocktail kits to be delivered to your door to celebrate the main event on May 15.
All purchases go to Westside School!
The deadline to order is Tuesday, May 12.


Tuition Assistance: $125,000

Tuition Assistance impacts the quality of education for every student at Westside School. A robust Tuition Assistance program allows us to cultivate a diverse student body who are engaged and elevate the educational experience of their peers. This year, one in seven Westside families received tuition assistance. With uncertain times ahead, supporting the Tuition Assistance program is more important than ever.

Unrestricted Giving: $101,500 

During a typical school year, unrestricted funds are raised during raffles, games, auction items, and buy-in parties. We are asking our community to give to this area of the school as if they were at the auction and participating in these auction activities. These funds directly support our program and allow leadership to support areas of the school that need it most.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Two pre-Kindergarten students creating art using water droppers full of watercolors.
One Kindergarten student looking at another intently while listening to them.