Annual Report

2016-2017 AT WESTSIDE



$190,000 raised from 308 donors


$390,000 raised, including $129,475 for Tuition Assistance and $83,650 for our Teacher Excellence Fund

2016-2017 Financial Report

Tuition and Fees: $6,082,597
Tuition Assistance: (521,400)
Fundraising: $565,199
Other Income: $96,082

Total Income: $6,222,478


Salaries and Benefits - $3,946,257
Educational Program - $522,131
Facility - $179,739
Debt Service - $459,995
Fundraising - $80,653
Other Operating Expenses - $455,516
Depreciation - $578,940

Total Expenses: $6,223,231



The 2016-2017 school year marked Westside’s second year in our permanent home. The generous support from the Westside School community has provided a home that will allow us to continue to grow and flourish. The Capital Campaign raised over 4,200,000!

Thank you for your support!

Capital Campaign Lead Level Donors

Barney and Rachelle Cohen

Angel Colmenares and Lisa Hadley

Peter and Rhondda Grant

Robert Hadley and Laura Newcomer

Harrelson Family

Mark and Tracy Sundberg

Mark and Denise Tabbutt

The Norcliffe Foundation

Ben and Susan Viscon





Capital Campaign Major Level Donors
($25,000 - $99,999)

John and Jeni Bartell

John and Celesta Bjornson

Boshaw Family

Leslie and Brian Buckley

John and Carolyn Comick

Peter and Amy Eby

Chris and Yvonne Frankovich

Elizabeth Grant

Chip Hellar and Karyn Blasi

Shelli Hyrkas

Bryan & Jody Jennings

Mollie and Kris Jensen

The Keller Family

Maria Philips and Josh Kornfeld

Christine and Mark Leahy

Bradford and Kiersten Lovejoy

Kristin & Robert Mariani

Medina Foundation

Susan Goodwin and Rich Millard

Christina Liu and Michael Ni

David and Janelle Russell

Susan Silver

Kevin and April Sunderland

Erika Pearson & Roger Wesley

Anne Lipke and Fitzhugh Yeatman

Dawn St. Clair and Scott Younger



Capital Campaign Community Level Donors
($24,999 and below)

James and Carolee Adamson

Danielle Fox de Aguilar and Luis Aguilar

Kirsten and Brad Anawalt



Carolyn Kim-Benaissa & Karime Benaissa

Amir and Laura Beso

Matthew and Ronda Billerbeck

James and Mandy Bottorff

Bruce Brown and Donna Masumoto

Frank and Jenny Calvo

Pamela & Rob Castillo

Gang Chen and Cause Haun

Dan and Megan Dahl

Jeff Day and Heather Newton

Jana DeShazo

Martin and Monica Duke

Constance Ferguson

Robert Ferguson and Louise Liu

Diane and Steve Feth

Victoria Carter and Jon Fewster

Donald and Karin Frissell

David Gaccione

Sara Volta

Sacha Copeland & John Geddis

Scott Gilbert and Deborah Read

Kasey Langley and Nathan Grothe

Carl Guess and Katy Lloyd

Randal and Heather Hisatomi

Laura and Ted Holmes

Corrine James and Ken Humes

Michael and  Madeline Johnson

Shireen Khan

James and Aimee Kinney

Michal and Jamie Kownas

David & Karen Leeds

Chris and Val Legler

Jennifer and Peter Lightbody

Michael and Michele Livingston

Anthony and Alison Lombardi


Capital Campaign Community Level Donors, cont. 

Sharon and Tom Lovejoy

Jeremy Luscher

Yunxi Ma

Tarisa and Todd Maxfield-Matsumoto

Hughes and Kelley McLaughlin

Teresa McNally

Darren and Lisa Medina

Carola and Marcus Meyer

Judy Mieger

Eric and Jennifer Moe

Jon and Teresa Muench

Mark Netherland & Tami Elwin

The Ordonez/Bender Family

Margaret Peyton

Rosalind and Melvyn Poll

Preston Poythress and Astrid Klopsch

Jessica and Darren Poznick

Patrick and Colette Prendergast

Cheryl Binetti and Chris Robinson

Andrea and Andrew Ross

June Ross

Claudia & Al Ross-Weston

Stephen Schoenfelder and Cabrelle Abel

Chris and Megan Simmons

Joseph and Jillian Sky-Tucker

Scott and Nicola Smiley

Tim and Christine Smith

Meighan Berberich and Matthew Smolinski

Brent & Amanda Spraker

Priscilla and Bob St. Clair

Andrew and Holly Stewart

Mike Thomas

Christina James and Eric Tuch

Becca and Bill Wellington

Kathleen Whitson and Nicolas Wiley

Bryan Wiebe

Molly Harmon and David Wilton

Nick and Emily Wingfield

John and Molly Woodruff

Alice Ding and Gregory Yen

Christi and Peter Yi

Steven and Susan Zarnick




Kate Leahy

Westside:  Preschool, 6th, 7th, 8th
Now: Junior at Seattle Prep
Activities: Diving, Bowling, Softball and Seattle Prep newspaper
What is your favorite memory from Westside?

My favorite memory from Westside is from our camping trip in 7th grade. We were backpacking in the fall in small groups and my group and I ended up hiking through tough terrain in extreme heat for many miles a day. Everyone in my group was exhausted and trying our best to make the most of what we could, including taking advantage of all the snacks and swimming in rivers along the way. At the time, it didn't feel so fun, but looking back I can laugh at how bad it seemed. I am thankful for the ways this trip brought our group together and for the many new experiences I gained. 

What exciting things are you doing now?

At school and in the past year, I was a captain of the brand new girls bowling team in the winter and played softball for Prep during the spring. This summer I dove for my swim club and am diving for Prep this fall as one of the first divers ever for the school! I'm also starting to look at colleges and preparing for SATs. Overall, just trying to balance academics, sports and the little bit of free time I get! 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10 or 20 years?

Short term, I hope to have finished my academic career (high school, college, and any other schooling I may need for my job). I hope to have begun working, hopefully in the FBI, as I want to work in the field of investigation and become an agent or something along those lines. I also would like to travel or even study abroad for some time during college, maybe in Latin America, as I want to become fluent in Spanish. Longer term, (10-20 years) I don't have many concrete plans other than trying to continue my professional career and grow as a person in new ways. After going through middle school and now two years of high school, I have realized that my goals (on a broader spectrum) are to constantly keep learning, be happy and try to positively contribute to the community around me.