As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, Annual Giving enables Westside School to fulfill its mission and values of the school: Joyful Learning, High Academic Standards, Confident Learners and Caring Community.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Westside School education. Through the Westside School Fund and Annual Spirit Auction, funds raised cover 10% of our operating budget for the year and bridge the $1,800/student gap between tuition revenue and the cost to educate each student. Funds raised directly support programs such as World Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, Outdoor and Experiential Learning, the Tuition Assistance Program and keeping tuition accessible.




Save the date for the 2020 Spring Auction! Saturday, March 28 - 5:00 p.m. To help with planning the auction, contact Shoshannah Hoffman.

The Spirit Auction is Westside School’s largest event. Every spring, the auction brings Westside School families and friends together to celebrate and raise necessary funds for the school. Over 300 guests make this evening a fun community-building event, which supports the school through raffles, games, a live auction and more. 


Our 2019 Westside School Fund

$210,000 and community-wide participation in 31 days!

The Westside School Fund is our annual fundraising appeal. Through the generous support of every member of Westside School’s community our pack is strengthened. Each year we strive for 100% family participation to support core elements of Westside School’s program

For current families, fundraising for the Westside School Fund happens in October each year. All pledges are due by October 31 and payments can be made until the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2019).


Our Goal:
Raise $210,000 with full community participation!


Westside Fund gifts of all amounts will be put to immediate use for the benefit of all our students in the following programs:

Outdoor Education

Through challenging and inspiring outdoor experiences, the Westside School Outdoor Education Program supports the school’s mission through fostering individual growth, building teamwork and leadership skills, teaching wilderness skills, strengthening relationships within and between students and faculty, and providing opportunities for students to develop a love for outdoor adventure.

Visual & Performing Arts

Gifts to the Westside Fund supports all our students to explore expressing themselves freely through visual art and performance. Our program develops critical thinking and collaboration skills and fosters peer acceptance and self-worth. Westside students learn the importance of hard work, perseverance through difficulty, a sense of accomplishment, and most importantly, they are provided plenty of opportunities to laugh.

World Language

Gifts to the Westside Fund supports all our students, at an early age, to acquire second (sometimes third) language proficiency skills. Our world language program not only enhances levels of knowledge in a new language, it raises cultural competence, enhances cognitive development, critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility.

Ways to Give

Direct Gifts

Contributions of check, credit card and electronic fund transfers are greatly appreciated.

Pledge Contributions

Pledges are welcome and make giving easy for every family. Pledges are made at the beginning of the year and can be paid over time or scheduled for a later date, such as monthly, quarterly, next February, or some now and some later. Payments can be made until the end of the school year.


Westside School gladly accepts gifts of stock. Please contact the Advancement Office for more information.

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match employee donations and volunteer time. The impact of your gift may be doubled or even tripled! Some companies even match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Search here or contact your employer’s office of Human Resource to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.

Companies with a Matching Gift Program

Alaska Airlines
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Charles Schwab
Delta Airlines
Liberty Mutual Group
Morgan Stanley
Washington Mutual
Wells Fargo
And so many more!

Find out if your company has a matching gift program HERE!


Q. What is the Westside School Fund?

A. The WSF is the name for Westside’s Annual Fund, which seeks gifts from families, friends, faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, and alumni to make up the difference between tuition income and the actual cost of educating our students (about $1,800 per student). These unrestricted contributions give the school the ability to use the funds where they are needed the most—the academic program; faculty and staff salaries and benefits; Tuition Assistance; arts and athletics; facilities and beyond.

Q: Why can’t Westside School increase tuition to cover the full cost of educating each student?

A: Large increases in tuition may prohibit the opportunity of a Westside School education to many families, thereby altering the distinctive learning environment at the school. Through tax-deductible donations to the Westside School Fund, we can keep tuition costs as affordable as possible, participate in the Rainier Scholars Program, and provide financial aid and scholarships to deserving students.

Q. If I can only give a small gift, does it really make an impact on Westside School?

A. Yes! Your gift, combined with those from alumni, families, and friends, provides substantial support for the ongoing operations of our school. Regardless of the level of the gift, it is an expression of your support. Every gift counts and contributes to the important culture of philanthropy at Westside School.

Q: Will I receive a tax benefit from my donation?

A: Yes. Westside School is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation; your gift to the Westside School Fund is 100% tax-deductible. Westside’s EIN is 91-1151493.

Q: Is parent and community participation really that important?

A: Yes! High participation in the Annual Fund is as important as meeting our overall financial goal. In addition, participation helps build community and a strong foundation for continued philanthropy at Westside School.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: Contributions to the Annual Fund can be made in many ways, including check, electronic transfers, credit card, securities and corporate matching gifts. Gifts can be made all at one time or spread out throughout the year. Final payments are due June 30, 2020. Contact Shoshannah with any questions about your contribution.