2019-2020 Basketball Registration

There is a $140 fee per season associated with participating in Westside School Athletics.

It is critical that no student at Westside feel barred from participation in the Westside School Athletics program because of a fee. Families receiving tuition assistance will receive an automatic discount, and we ask that any family who feels the fee is an undue burden, please reach out to Director of Finance & Operations, Laura Anderson, at lauraa@westsideschool.org for assistance. We want everyone to play!

Payment options for Westside's athletic fee include mailing in/dropping off a check paying or paying by credit card.

If you plan to pay by credit card you will be charged a $5 processing fee (less than 4% for credit card processing fees), so your credit card will be charged $145.

If you click one of the above payment options in error and cannot un-click it, please refresh the page to select the other option.

I agree that my child is in good health and is able to participate in the Westside School Athletics program. I authorize all first aid, medical, dental, surgical, diagnostic and hospital procedures as may become necessary for my child while he/she is participating in the Westside School Athletics program. I acknowledge that I am responsible for any and all medical expenses due to my child’s injury or illness and hereby assume all risk of injury or loss to which he/she may be exposed.