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By supporting Westside, you are supporting each and every student.

Each spring, Westside families come together to collectively raise funds for Westside School’s Educational Program and the Tuition Assistance Program. As an independent school, Westside has the freedom to create educational experiences that meet each child’s needs, without state mandates on curriculum, textbooks, and testing. This allows Westside School to be rigorous in developing the broadest possible range of skills and attributes in students to best prepare them for the world.

Unlike public or parochial schools, we rely solely on tuition and charitable contributions to support our educational program. Raising these funds during the Westside School Fund in the fall and Annual Spring Auction is crucial, and your support directly enhances each student’s education experience at Westside School.





A photo of Erin Blaser

Support from the Westside community allows us to create educational experiences that meet each child’s needs, without state mandates on curriculum, textbooks, and testing. This allows Westside School to be rigorous in developing the broadest possible range of skills and attributes in students to best prepare them for the world.

This year, math teacher, Erin Blaser, implemented The Modern Classroom approach for her 5th and 6th grade students. This instructional model was born from an understanding of one central principle: “Students learn at different speeds.” Through Blended Instruction, Self-Paced Learning Structures, and Mastery-Based Grading, this model empowers students and meets their needs on their terms.



Westside’s social and emotional curriculum helps students learn self-awareness and self-regulation, which in turn facilitate their interactions with and understanding of others. We help kids to recognize their emotions and needs and how to express and manage them appropriately.

During a year we could not expect or predict, Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) emerged as a central theme in schools. We have been reminded in new ways that SEL is a cornerstone of teaching and learning. Our emphasis on SEL this school year provided students and teachers the tools they need to connect authentically, adjust to new learning environments, and stay engaged during a time often characterized by uncertainty.

Director of SEL teaching 4th grade students

In Lower School, we used Google Slides to create check-in scales that offered a new way for students to learn about each other and practice expressing emotions with others.

In Middle School, planning for in-person experiential learning days in local parks began with the goal of fostering connections between students and teachers. As a result, students could be seen playing games together, and engaging in academic content through debates and group discussion.

Westside School’s commitment to community and a sense of belonging has been at the forefront every step of the way this year. Whether through special SEL lessons, fun games, or as part of academic activities, virtual and on-campus classes alike have made space every day for students to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Find out more about SEL at Westside and Read Adams’s blogs here.



Two preschool students painting with green paint.

Whether in-person or remote, joyful learning remains at the heart of a Westside education. If you were to ask any Westside student why they love Westside, it is almost guaranteed one of their answers would be “because it’s fun!”

In preschool and pre-Kindergarten, each day students have  “Work Time” or free choice play. Daily choices include block building, small world play, process art, dramatic play, easel painting, and more. Classroom activities and materials are thoughtfully designed to encourage active involvement, curiosity, and investigative experiences in literacy, math, science, and more.



Three Kindergarten students holding their colored pages from the BLM coloring book.

Along with our ongoing curricular work across grades and academic disciplines, this school year, Westside has worked on developing a Social Justice Curricula. Among our goals in developing this continua throughout our school is to make sure that our students are engaging with DEIA concepts in age appropriate ways, to normalize conversations, counteract racism, and empower each other towards ensuring a more equitable world.

This year, all grade levels participated in the Black Lives Matter At School Week of Action. Check out all the amazing things students did during this important week and beyond. Black Lives Matter Week of Action At Westside School.



Throughout their time at Westside, students gain confidence through positive support and clear behavioral guidelines within a safe learning environment.

Middle school students sitting in a circle outside with two teachers

In Middle School, during Spring Flex Fridays, students in the Hiking & Biking: Leadership Flex are exploring the concept of authentic leadership and finding oneself through a series of physical and mental challenges. Leadership challenges, True Colors (personality profiling), biking, kayaking/paddle boarding, team simulations, and solo hikes are building self-confidence, resiliency, positive body image, and strong identities as young leaders and activists.


4th Graders giving out pizza and juice during Wolfest.

As the leaders of Lower School, fourth grade students kick off each year with Wolfest, a celebration for all students Preschool through third grade. From planning games, food, music, and decorations, to surveying students and thinking about inclusivity, fourth graders practice leadership skills from the very beginning to the end of the year.


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Support from the entire Westside community supports the education of every student. These are just a few examples of how your support allows Westside to go above and beyond for our students. Find out more about the importance of supporting Westside by visiting westsideschool.org/giving.