Westside's Successful Inaugural Soccer Season

Westside is wrapping up our inaugural season of soccer. It's been a very successful start, with all four teams learning how to play together, showing good improvement and growth, and fostering community.

Our 4th grade girls have had an excellent season, going from playing in a bunch and following the ball around to showing really good spacing, playing set positions, and having a really good idea of offensive and defensive concepts. Our 4th grade boys have a very talented team and worked through the season to incorporate all the players in the game plan and get contributions from everyone. Both of our older teams have had excellent seasons and both are poised to make the playoffs.


"It's fun to play for a Westside team because you play with different grades and you get to know a different group of people and you get really close- like now we have a 'Westside soccer family.'" -Miranda, 6th grade

The 6th/5th boys team and the 7th/6th girls team have both looked really good when at full strength, and have had some games when our numbers were limited and all of our players got ample touches and opportunities.

"Coaching is really cool because I am able to hang out with a group of kids outside of the classroom and outside of second grade." - Nick, 4th grade boys soccer coach & 2nd grade Instructional Assistant

We are anticipating that both of these teams will make the playoffs, with playoff games starting potentially as early as this coming Sunday, the 29th. We will hear by Saturday night and will post any games on the school calendar and post to Facebook Saturday night.

Thanks so much to our coaches. Nick, Mike, Mandy, Scott, Mark, Chris, Kyle, Justin, and Greg have worked tirelessly and made our first soccer season a big success.

-Mike Thomas
Director of Athletics

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