Westside Student's Dream About Their Future

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Westside's Librarian, Sylvia, read books to the lower school students about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his "I Have a Dream" speech.

When asked to dream about the world they'd like to see in the future, here's what our students wish for:

  • People can marry anyone, boys or girlsI Have a Dream Today
  • Girls and boys can do all the same stuff
  • You can feel like a girl or boy, like in that dresses book. Nobody can tell you what to feel.
  • Safe
  • Stop polluting the ocean
  • Peaceful world
  • Play and work together, no excluding
  • Children have rights
  • Equal rights for all
  • A world without judging people if they are different
  • Everyone has shelter and everything they need to live.
  • Everyone has a home. All the people in tents get homes.
  • Everyone is friends.
  • Bad guys become good guys.
  • No polluting
  • No bullying
  • Respect everyone, even if they are different
  • Peace for the whole world
  • Healthy world
  • The world could be more fair because of talking more nicely
  • Not hitting anybody
  • Everyone has a jacket so they won't be cold.
  • Everyone has a home and food and shoes and water.
  • No weapons
  • Everyone will have a house
  • You use less paper towels and then there will be more water
  • Everyone can be who they want to be and feel who they want to be on the inside and not be forced to be one way.
  • Stop making weapons. No weapons in this world.
  • Don't laugh about how people look or talk.
    Don't put garbage on the street- a clean world.
  • Stop building so many buildings so the rain can get into the earth- respect the earth.
  • No wars- a peaceful world.
  • Stop killing people. No one will be killed.
  • No killing animals. They have feelings too. 
  • Everyone is nice to everyone- a kind world.
  • Help each other, like in a team.
  • All children have a loving home.
  • Full bellies every night for everyone.
  • No stereotyping people by their race.
  • Be happy.
  • Be kind.
  • Hold on to love.
  • I have a dream that global warming will end.
  • A leader that cares about the planet as a whole.
  • World peace.
  • Everybody has a home.
  • That someday soon everyone will be equal.
  • That racism will no longer exist.
  • An end to sexual discrimination.
  • Treat people how they want to be treated.
  • Everyone should be kind to each other.
  • Everyone will be equal and loved. They will also have houses.
  • Everyone will have someone to snuggle them

What do you dream about for our future?

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