Looking Ahead to 2018

The theme for Wolfpacks today is "Looking Ahead to 2018." Groups are gathering to make a timeline they can use for the rest of the year to celebrate and acknowledge each other's birthdays, important holidays, and the beginning and end of the school year. Read more about Westside's Wolfpacks here.

In conjunction with this week's Wolfpacks theme, our staff and faculty share what they are looking forward to in the year ahead at Westside...

"We've been talking about having a garage sale at Westside for a while and this year the WPA has decided to make it happen, so I'm looking forward to that. Also, the auction is going to be at a cool new venue this year so that's exciting." - Shoshannah, Community Development Officer

"I'm looking forward to the 5th Grade Olympics. It's something new at Westside that Mike and Mary K are collaborating on." - Susannah, Middle School Head

First Grade Visiting Daystar Retirement Village

First Grade Visiting Daystar Retirement Village

“I’m looking forward to going back to Daystar with the first grade classes.” - Ildi, 1st Grade Instructional Assistant

“I’m excited to watch our salmon grow and to go on an overnight trip with the 4th grade. I’m also looking forward to starting my Masters of Education classes.” - Nick, 2nd Grade Instructional Assistant

“The second half of a school year is always the time I get to see kids come into their own much more than the first part of a year together presents. I'm looking forward to witnessing continued academic and social growth within my 7th and 8th graders!” - Kendra, 7th/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

“I’m excited to see how all of our Project-Based Learning projects play-out. I’m looking forward to seeing how Westside comes together this year and grows as a community. Also, I love volleyball season so I’m excited that that’s about to start.” - Amy, Assistant Head of School

Colleen kayaking with students

Colleen Kayaking with Students

“I’m excited for the auction, and also getting to know all of the new families coming in next year. I’m also looking forward to making sure Westside & Steve de Beer have a seamless Head of School transition.” - Nicole, Director of Advancement

“I’m excited about planning some outdoor adventures over the summer for Westside students.” - Colleen, Outdoor Education & Experiential Learning Coordinator




and outside of Westside...

Andrew & Jennifer's Engagement Photo

Congratulations, Andrew & Jennifer!

“We’re getting married!” - Jennifer, Kindergarten teacher, and Andrew, Business & Operations Assistant

“I'm looking forward to Vietnamese/Chinese New Year.” - Michael, Director of Technology

"Jeremy and I have been talking about doing a West Coast road trip for a while, and I think this may be the year it actually happens!"-Laura S, Front Desk Coordinator.“I’m also looking forward to potentially delivering a presentation at ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) in New Orleans, and a STARTALK in Hawaii, where I'll be presenting on the way we use self-directed learning and meaningful tech integration in the Mandarin classroom.” - Jeremy S, Middle School Mandarin teacher

“Getting out and hiking! I’m also taking a trip to Tucson that I’m looking forward to.”- Laura A., Business and Operations Manager

“I get to go home to England and see my sister get married.” - Richard, Learning Support Specialist

“I'm looking forward to my son's baseball tournament in Omaha. The baseball part. We'll see about the Omaha part (with apologies to anyone from Nebraska!)” - Ted H, Director of Admissions

“I’m looking forward to selling our house in Burien and moving to the Mt. Baker neighborhood, and sending my daughter off to college!” - Heidi, 3rd Grade Instructional Assistant

“We just got a new puppy, so I’m excited to watch her grow and learn new things. It’s also so cool to watch our older dog interact with her and sort of show her the ropes. I’m also really looking forward to the “Dear Edwina” musical and our other 2018 performances!” - Bryan, Performing Arts teacher

Erin H with 4th Grade Cross Country Runners

Erin H with 4th Grade Cross Country Runners

"Of course I'm looking forward to meeting my daughter and becoming a mom! Right now it feels pretty surreal and it's hard to picture what the future will be like, but I'm excited!" - Erin H, 4th Grade Instructional Assistant

What are you looking forward to this year?










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