Learning About Identity Through Art

Pop-Ups shows are in your face and force the viewer to stop, look, and interact. A Pop-Up show is a temporary happening where artists experiment by placing their art in unexpected places. They can be spontaneous and are used to draw attention to the artist's message.

What did you learn about your identity through working on this project?
"I found I'm really creative and I like sharing my ideas with others. I have inspiration from things around the school that others have put up, and now it feels good sharing my art work and adding to our community to maybe inspire others too." -Lucian, Class of 2020
In sixth grade, visual and digital arts classes collaborated to create six pop-up shows around the school. The work exhibited is all about student identity. Anna’s visual arts students created self portraits in graphite while Camille’s digital arts students created triptych photographs and videos inspired by the prompt “A day in the life”.


The students’ created the work, chose the location and installed the shows all while working together in mixed groups from both classes. Through this project, students experienced the real world pressure and excitement of creating and installing their own art shows. We hope Pop-Up shows continue to amplify students’ powerful voices both in class and in our greater community.