The Voices of the Season

On Thursday, our Lower School will come together in two Winterfest celebrations in our spectacular theater: for Preschool and Pre-K families at 2:15pm and for Kinder-4th Grade families at 6:00pm. At the evening performance, guests will hear our 4th grade MCs reflect on the longest night and the shortest day, the Winter Solstice, which occurs the very next day.

On Friday, the sun will set just a wee bit earlier and rises just a tad bit later than at any other time of the year, plunging our northern world in darkness. During the darker weeks, we tend to turn to light for comfort and to lift our spirits: a dancing candle flame, a cozy fire, a beaming flashlight.

We are very happy to re-introduce the school's traditional Winterfest celebrations which are child-centered and joyous, and focused on peace and connection. We come together and each grade shares songs they have learned and we sing together as a community. 

Our school celebrations are a means for bringing whole families together, as well as preserving a rich and meaningful sense of community through shared music. It is important to us that each celebration builds and strengthens a sense of community in our children. We want the celebrations to reflect different family cultures and to send us off into winter break with a shared sense of belonging to something greater than ourselves.

There will be no Insider over the two weeks of winter break. Whether you stay home, or wander afar this season, I wish for you and your family a safe, restful, and peaceful couple of weeks. I am looking forward to my daughters, Emma and Leah, returning home from college for a little while. May the joy heard in the voices of the children this week carry all season long.

Steve de Beer
Head of School