Tour Westside

Our campus tours are an ideal way to experience Westside School in action. While on campus, you'll see faculty and students hard at work in their home classrooms or in visual and performing arts, physical education, and Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. In addition to witnessing daily life at our school, you'll have a chance to hear from teachers, students, school administrators and current parents/guardians. Tours are a required part of our admission process.

Preschool and Prekindergarten:  We invite families wishing to learn more our about these programs to attend one of our Discover and Play events or attend a tour. Each experience offers you the opportunity to see our school in action.  To register for either event create an account on Ravenna and choose Westside School.  Adults only on our tours, families with prekindergarten applicants are welcome to bring their child to Discover and Play.

Kindergarten: Tours for families interested in the 2020-2021 academic year will be offered October through January. You'll see classrooms in action and have the chance to hear from teachers and administrators. Tour groups are kept small so you are sure to have answers to all of your questions. To register for a tour, create an account on Ravenna and choose Westside School. Adults only, please.

First-Fourth Grade Candidates: We offer separate tours for families interested in grades 1-4 so we can customize to your needs. Sign up for these tours through your Ravenna account.

Middle School (5th through 8th Grade) Tour: Parents and guardians along with your prospective students are invited to tour our middle school. Our small tours will provide a close look at core classes such as math, language arts and science, as well as our “exploratory” offerings such as theater and visual arts, physical education, and tech. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet with our Head of School, students, teachers and a current parent. Register for a tour via our online system Ravenna.

Experience Middle School Night- Thursday, November 7, 5:30-8:00: Prospective students and their parents and guardians will begin the evening in our middle school classrooms, where they will take part in short, engaging, hands-on lessons designed to highlight our curriculum.  Following classroom sessions, visitors can partake in our Middle School Arts Showcase.  You'll see fine examples of our renowned music, theater, and visual arts programs. Sign up for our Experience Middle School Night here.