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Contact Ted Holmes, our Director of Admission to arrange a tour of the school and to learn how you can join this year's admission process.



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We are delighted you are exploring Westside School as a place for your child to begin or continue their educational journey. We know choosing the right school for your child is one of the most significant things you'll do for them. In the process some big questions come up. Where will my child be happy? What exactly determines a good fit? How do we apply? What comes next?

We're here to help you with the process and to help you understand if Westside School is the right place for you.

We invite you to explore our campus, meet our students and faculty, and learn about what makes us West Seattle's premier option.

Please contact our Director of Admission, Ted Holmes, for more information. 

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Our Application Process

Step 1. Visit Westside

Step 1 for Preschool/Prekindergarten

Families interested in learning about our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten programs are invited to attend one of our Discover and Play events scheduled for Tuesday, November 6; December 4; and January 15. Families with prospective pre-kindergarteners are invited to bring their prospective student to explore the activities in our pre-kindergarten classroom, while parents observe and hear about our program from teachers. 

Families with prospective preschool students should leave your child at home, but we encourage you to observe our classroom and take a tour.  Students born before August 31, 2016 will be eligible for preschool in September 2019. 

Both Preschool and Prekindergarten families may also register for a tour on a different date.

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Step 1 for Lower School (Kindergarten through 4th Grade)

Lower school tours for families interested in the 2018-2019 academic year begin in October. Our parents only 90 minute tour is your best way to see the school and to hear about the program directly from our educators and see us in action on a typical school day. We keep our tours small so you get an exceptionally close look at the school. You'll have the chance to speak with students, teachers and administrators. Register for a tour via our online application system, Ravenna.

Step 1 for Middle School (5th through 8th Grade)

Tour: Parents and guardians and their prospective students are invited to tour our middle school. These intimate tours will get a look at the broad range of our offerings including core classes such as math, language arts and science, as well as our “exploratory” offerings such as theater and visual arts, physical education, and tech. Register for a tour via our online system Ravenna.

Experience Middle School Night (November 8): In addition to hearing about our academic and co-curricular offerings, visitors to Experience Middle School Night will have the chance to see Westside arts in action. We’ll showcase our music, theater and visual arts programs. Missed Experience Middle School Night? Join us for a tour of Westside School.

Step 2. Complete an Application

Westside School uses the Ravenna online application system for all grades including preschool and shares a common PSIS (Puget Sound Independent Schools) application. The Ravenna System will guide you through all of the steps outlined below, as well as keep you updated on the status of your child’s application.

1. Submit a student and family photo
2. Submit Parent/Guardian Statement
3. Submit Student Activities and Interests form (middle school only)
4. Submit two teacher recommendations
5. Submit transcripts (first semester of 2018-2019 and all of 2017-2018)
6. Submit administrator evaluation form
7. Middle School Only: Submit test scores (SSAT preferred)

Step 3. Parent/Guardian Interview

It is important to us we meet all prospective parents and guardians. We’ll use this 20-minute interview to get to know you better, learn more about your child, and answer any remaining questions you have about Westside School. You will use the Ravenna system to sign up for a parent and guardian interview after you formally apply.

Step 4. Student Observation

You will register for a student visit through your Ravenna account.


One of the most important pieces of the Admission process for our preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten applicants is a 60-minute student observation visit. During the regular admission season we will meet prospective students on a Saturday in February. Visiting prospective students will be placed in small groups, where they will go through a short “day” of school. School evaluators will observe prospective students as they participate in group and individual activities. We invite parents and guardians remain on site during the observation. While waiting, you’ll hear from a panel representing various school constituencies, including our Head of School, faculty and current parents/guardians.

If you have applied for admission outside of our traditional season, we will arrange a meeting or class visit for your child on a date that is mutually convenient.

Candidates for first grade will attend a 60-minute observation visit with other prospective first grade students. Students applying for second through fourth grade will be invited to spend a half day on campus. These visits allow us a chance to get to know your child and to assess their readiness for our program., At the same time, these visits give prospective students a real sense of what it would be like to attend Westside School.

All Middle School applicants will come to campus for a 60-minute observation visit. At this time, your child will join a group of up to six applicants to work on a project complete a short essay prompt and participate in a group discussion. We invite parents and guardians to remain on site for a question and answer session with the Head of School, a faculty member and a current parent/guardian.



Preschool and Prekindergarten Discover and Play

We accept students who turn age three by May 31 and four by September 1 for our preschool and pre-kindergarten. If you are interested in enrolling your student for the 2019-2020 academic year, we encourage you to learn about the school at one of our monthly Discover and Play events. Parents and guardians are invited along with their prospective student to explore our preschool and pre-kindergarten. On these mornings, your student will engage in classroom activities while parents and guardians learn about the program from our teachers. Your children also will have the opportunity to play in our gym, while you are led on a tour of the school by our Director of Admission.

Discover and Play:
*REGISTRATION FULL* Tuesday, November 6, 10:15-11:15am
Tuesday, December 4, 10:15-11:15am 
Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 10:15-11:15am
Register to attend by creating an account on Ravenna and selecting Westside School.

Kindergarten Tours

The best way to learn about our kindergarten and lower school program is on one of our weekly tours. These intimate tours will ensure a close look at classrooms in action (including all specialists) and a chance to meet students, teachers and administrators. To register for a tour, create an account on Ravenna, select Westside School and choose a tour. 

Lower School Tours (Grades 1-4)

Many families are interested in looking at Westside for later grades and for this reason we offer customized tours. You’ll have a chance to get a close look at your grade of interest, the grades that follow, and of course our many specialists. You’ll have a chance to meet teachers, students and administrators. To register for a tour, create an account on Ravenna, select Westside School and choose a tour. 


Experience Middle School Night (Grades 5-8)

Thursday, November 8, 5:30-7:30pm
More than an open house. At this event you’ll have the opportunity to hear about our programs in detail from our teachers. Following this presentation, immerse yourself in Westside theater, music, dance, and visual arts. You’ll join our community in a exploration and celebration of the fruits of our “Exploratory” program. At this time you’ll meet teachers, specialists, current parents and students, and administrators. Register for Experience Middle School Night here. 

Middle School Tours

Tours are an ideal complement to our Experience Middle School Night (or even if you can’t make that event!). You’ll see our classes in action, meet teachers and students, and talk with administrators. You’ll see daily life at school, explore or facility, and learn about why Westside Middle School may be right for your child. Both fifth and sixth grade are excellent entry points for your student, and we often have space in our seventh and eighth grades as well. To register for a tour, create an account on Ravenna, select Westside School and choose a tour. Create your account on Ravenna.

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