Reopening Middle School

Middle School Reopening Plan

We have created two schedules for the fall of 2020: one for remote learning and a hybrid schedule that brings students back to campus in smaller groups. The schedules are designed to easily flip back and forth from remote to in-person learning for continuity purposes, depending on virus infection rates in King County and the WA State Safe Start Phased Approach. 

Additional Middle School Information

The Value of Westside’s Middle School Remote Learning Program

Westside has tremendous autonomy and responsibility to decide what we teach our students. Our teachers have significant practice determining what students most need to know to prepare them for high school and life. Last spring, Westside teachers adapted their courses in powerful ways. Our teachers quickly assessed what parts of the planned curriculum they could deliver as originally designed, what they needed to teach with substantial modification, and what course material they needed to change and replace with new material. The results were recognized by not only Westside families but the greater West Seattle region. Our spring transition to emergency remote learning provided valuable insight about how we can most effectively honor our mission and innovate to expand our approach to teaching and learning. This summer, we have reviewed research and Westside stakeholder feedback in order to overhaul distant learning days as well as to create an effective hybrid daily schedule. Furthermore, this summer and during In-Service Days in August, Westside teachers continue to hone their skills in remote and hybrid learning models to ensure our fall courses will be rich, engaging, and effective when delivered online. Our community is ready to provide the Westside learning experience that you all know and love with expanded innovation and creativity to capture joyful learning for all Westside Wolves.


Middle School Schedules

Start of the School Year Special Schedule
*More information below

5th/6th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

7th/8th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

Hybrid Learning Schedule
*Should King County hit Phase 3 of the WA State Safe Start Phased Approach

Special Schedule During The First Two Weeks Of School

To foster community and connection as well as to assess our students for where they are academically, we will start the school year off with a special schedule.

During the first two weeks of school, 5th & 6th grades and 7th & 8th grades will participate in three In Person Experiential Learning Days.

There they will reconnect with classmates, build group camaraderie and engage in hands-on learning opportunities all while practicing safe social distancing.

The days students are remote, our teachers will be acclimating students to distance learning expectations as well as assessing students so we can meet students where they are at in their learning journey.

Please refer to the special schedule for your planning purposes. In the coming weeks you will receive instructions about drop-off/pickup at local parks on days when your student is participating in In-Person Experiential Learning Days.

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