Reopening Lower School

Lower School Reopening Plan

Our school’s Reopening Plan is tied directly to COVID-19 activity levels in King County.

As the level of COVID-19 spread in our community decreases and the Governor’s office allows King County to move from Phase to Phase, so will Westside change the number of students and staff that we will allow in our building.

King County is currently in Phase Two and is High Risk. Our team has mapped out detailed plans for what each grade level will look like in each of the state’s Safe Start Phases and at different levels of risk. The school is prepared to move seamlessly between in-person, hybrid, and remote learning in all Phases.

Grade-Specific Plans

We will have students and teachers assigned to smaller learning cohorts (e.g., 10-12 total) designated for certain learning spaces, with movement of students and adults limited within classrooms and between indoors and outdoors.

All of our on-campus grades will arrive and leave school on a staggered schedule at two different entrances. There will be no EDP before or after school.

We recognize that it is important for our younger students to have an authentic 'first day' experience with their homeroom teacher. This will help promote a successful and joyful relationship between students and their teachers. It will also enable students and teachers to meet face to face before beginning any remote learning. In order to make this happen safely your child's start date will be on either Wednesday, Sept 2; Thursday, Sep 3; or Friday, Sep 4. You will receive an email from your child's lead teacher with specific details. 

Families Who Prefer Their Student(s) To Continue To Learn Remotely 

Some of our families have elected not to send their child(ren) to school on the days when their classmates are on campus.

For those students who will engage remotely from home on the on-campus days, we strive to give them a learning experience that is similar to the in-person experience. Obviously, because the at-home students will be connecting through a screen, the day will feel different. Families should not expect a replication of the in-person experience.

The remote-on-campus day will vary depending on the grade of your student. Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten students will have on-campus days three days a week in our current stage. For 1st through 4th grades, there is currently only one day a week when students are on campus.

Our teachers’ focus for on-campus days, especially those once a week, will very much be on interpersonal connection and social and emotional learning, incorporating physical movement. While there are limits on how to reproduce those aspects remotely, our teachers will include their remote students as best they can.

Each teacher will send home a schedule of the in-person day to remote families. This will include approximate times for class meetings, social emotional lessons, academic times, and more when the at-home student can join remotely. Each cohort classroom will be equipped with a camera, with a live link to the at-home students. (As with a regular school day, our teachers always set out to follow the schedule as planned, but may stray from it if necessary.)

The camera will be focused on the spot where the teacher most often teaches lessons, so the remote families may tune in. Teachers will find appropriate ways and times to provide socialization and informal conversations with friends.

Every week, our Lower School teachers will be putting together a packet of materials for ALL students with materials needed for the remote learning days. Those packets will also be available for our fully remote students and we expect remote families to stop by the school once a week to pick up their student’s packet. Individual teachers will communicate the day of the week when the packet is available. The packets will be placed outside the school in a secure location for ‘touch-free’ pick up, as no visitors are currently allowed in the building.

Westside will have a staff member assigned to our at-home families for limited tech support, trouble-shooting, and for questions about materials and more.


Specialists will be part of the Lower School curriculum, students will continue to receive a robust and live specialist schedule that is easily adaptable between on-campus and remote instruction.


As part of our reopening plan, students who will be on campus will have staggered drop-off and pick-up times. Please note your child's drop-off and pick-up times in the grade-specific plans.


We will be adjusting the locations of some classrooms in order to spread around the building. Please note your grade's new location in the grade-specific plans.

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