Remote Learning Program

The Value of Westside’s Remote Learning Program

Westside has tremendous autonomy and responsibility to decide what we teach our students. Last spring, Westside teachers adapted their courses in powerful ways. Our teachers quickly assessed what parts of the planned curriculum they could deliver as originally designed, what they needed to teach with substantial modification, and what course material they needed to change and replace with new material. Our spring transition to emergency remote learning provided valuable insight about how we can most effectively honor our mission and innovate to expand our approach to teaching and learning. 

This summer, we have reviewed research and Westside stakeholder feedback in order to overhaul distant learning days as well as to create an effective hybrid daily schedule. Furthermore, this summer and during In-Service Days in August, Westside teachers continue to hone their skills in remote learning to ensure our fall courses will be rich, engaging, and effective when delivered online.  Our teachers have and will continue to receive training in remote learning best practices, as well as connecting in school learning with the remote learning for our hybrid scenarios.

How Have We Re-imagined The Remote Learning Environment?

Westside’s re-imagined remote learning program is guided by several tenets:

  • A commitment to  learning
  • A commitment to collaboration
  • A commitment to the social emotional wellbeing of our children.

We know that excellent instruction and high student achievement require an interdependent collaboration among teachers, students, families, and administrators to achieve our common goals. Our academic program priorities for 2020-2021 (for both on campus and virtual learning) are to:

  • Build consistent structures and routines that allow students and families to easily navigate the instructional day
  • Engage students daily with consistent personalized support from grade-level teachers to ensure their success
  • Provide a safe and highly engaging learning environment built on instructional best practices and the developmental stages of children
  • Create a robust but manageable schedule so all students can equally participate in all core and specialist content
  • Be prepared to move to a fully remote teaching and learning model for all students if at any point in-person schooling is not possible based on guidance from the WA state Governor or Department of Health.

Professional Development For Our Teachers

In order to support our newly formed cohorts and ensure high quality instruction both on campus and at home, our teachers have been building their professional skills. In August, all our teachers participated in a workshop with BookBag Learning, to advance their skills in the following areas:  

  • Technology-based student assessment tools
  • Collaborative learning platforms
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racist teaching practices
  • Interactive learning structures to enhance instruction
  • Digital citizenship and social-emotional learning 
  • Health and safety protocols and practices
  • Personalized learning structures for support and extension 

Our community is ready to provide the Westside learning experience that you all know and love with expanded innovation and creativity to capture joyful learning for all Westside Wolves.