Health and Safety

On Campus School Day Procedures and Guidelines

Health Screening Process

All individuals entering the building are required to participate in a Health Screening. Parents will be asked to complete a SchoolDoc Health Screening Form for their student(s) before leaving for school each day, including a temperature check and 72 hours symptom review. You will receive information on how to access and complete this survey before school begins. Please have your confirmation email ready to show staff members during drop-off.

Health & Safety Measures

Community Expectations

No matter what Phase or Risk Factor we are in and where your student is learning, we expect all Westside community members to remember that we are in this together, and we have to support each other to keep our community safe. Please support our entire community by abiding by CDC and WHO guidelines in your day to day life. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask in public, practice social distancing, and stay home when sick.

On the Westside campus, our guidelines are similar, and we expect all community members to abide by them: Handwashing: All individuals entering campus are expected to wash their hands upon entering the building, before and after eating, and frequently in between.

  • Masks: All individuals entering campus must wear a mask. For everyone's safety, masks with ventilators will not be allowed. We have disposable masks on campus if you need one. Students are expected to wear their masks at all times, with the exception of when eating and specific outdoors ‘mask breaks’.
  • Social distancing: All students on campus will be assigned to a ‘learning cohort’ that will not mix with other learning cohorts. Within cohorts, everyone is asked to do their best to maintain social distance.
  • Health screening: Before entering the building, everyone must complete a health screening and 72hr symptom review, including a temperature check. We will ask parents to complete this for students at home each morning before they are allowed on campus. We will do additional checks at the door. We have piloted this system successfully at summer camp.
  • Stay off campus/no visitors: to minimize the number of people in our building, parents and visitors are not currently allowed on campus.
  • Transparency: If you or someone in your family has a known exposure, symptoms of COVID, or a suspected/positive case, you must inform us at the school. We commit to informing you if there are exposures on campus.


Investing In The New Normal

Operating a school in the new normal takes an enormous commitment of creativity, dedication, and hard work. It also takes significant dollars.

Westside has invested in protective equipment for all staff, as well as in new hospital-grade electrostatic mist and UV cleaning machines to maximize our sanitation efforts while minimizing our facility team’s exposure to chemicals and hazards.

We have revisited and improved upon our daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning and sanitation protocols, and will have a professional support team for additional building cleaning each night.

Additionally, we have invested in impactful professional development for our staff and teachers including training for remote learning, keeping our focus on COVID-related health training, general first aid, CPR, and universal precautions.


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