Faculty and Staff

Westside School educators are the backbone of the school. They are directly responsible for delivering the mission of Westside School to our students everyday, in every interaction. Our teaching and learning teams are committed to the success of every student.

Because of our small class sizes, Westside School faculty develop a close teaching relationship with every student in their class. Across all grades, teachers encourage students to explore, collaborate, unleash and express their imaginations.

Keliko Adams

5th/6th Grade Language Arts
  • Never met a dog she didn't want to snuggle
  • Never seen a landscape she didn't want to explore
  • Has always loved challenging students to think critically

Laura Anderson

Business & Operations Manager
  • True West Seattleite
  • Coloring aficionado
  • Mom of 2 beautiful girls

Kristel Arnott

7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Fascinated by phytoplankton & cephalopods
  • Historical tangent extraordinaire
  • Takes her mindful moments with potato chips and a People magazine

Jen Bergquist

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
  • Baseball lover
  • Creative & crafty
  • Wishes she could spend every day at the ocean

Travis Bingaman

3rd Grade Teacher
  • Ashland, Oregon native
  • Saw player
  • His guinea pigs are named after Beatles songs

Erin Blaser

5th/6th Math Teacher
  • Manatee maniac
  • Livin' la vida loca on Vashon Island
  • Loves a joke- the punnier the better

Maggi Bomalaski

7th/8th Grade Math Teacher
  • Travel bug (23 countries and counting)
  • Likes to cook almost as much as she likes to eat.. but not quite
  • Obsessed with nicknames (her dog has at least 20)

Nicole Caden

Director of Advancement
  • Realistic idealist
  • Soulful communities built by locals & children & elderly first
  • Pluralism makes sense

Jennifer Cortez

Kindergarten teacher
  • Lover of baking
  • Disney fanatic
  • Wants to own all the dogs she sees

Steve de Beer

Andrew DeLappe

Business & Operations Assistant
  • Slayer of spiders
  • Reader of books
  • Player of things (games, sports, etc.)

Danielle DeLappe

Assistant Athletic Director, Lower School P.E. teacher
  • Obsessive article sharer
  • Ever curious
  • Parent-in-training

Jana DeShazo

Preschool Teacher
  • Texas transplant
  • Gnome collector
  • Interior design enthusiast

Kendra Dixon

7th/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
  • Journal writing junkie
  • Sucker for science fiction
  • Karaoke conversationalist

Sean Dolgin

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
  • New Jersey bagel snob
  • Needs to swim
  • People person

Meghan Farnsworth

4th Grade Teacher
  • Karaoke enthusiast
  • Lover of movement
  • Looks for humor at every opportunity

Bryan Fiehler

Performing Arts teacher
  • New Jersey native
  • Hamilton obsessed
  • Loving husband and dog father

Anna Forster-Smith

Visual Arts Instructor
  • Her feminist book club will take over the world someday
  • Dreams of opening a community pottery studio
  • Reads her horoscope every Sunday night (Virgo forever)

Richard Gawne

Learning Support Specialist
  • Loves his kitties
  • Reader and traveler
  • Sounders Supporter

Charlotte Gjedsted

3rd Grade Teacher
  • Techie
  • Lives off of carrots & hummus
  • Science fiction & horror aficionado

Rebecca Henry

Kindergarten teacher

Erin Hickey

4th Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Language lover
  • Recipe obsessed
  • Can't stop moving

Shoshannah Hoffman

Community Development Officer
  • Cooking fanatic
  • Science fiction lover
  • Always willing to help

Amy Hollinger

Assistant Head of School
  • On a mission to change education to match the world we live in
  • Animal activist
  • Ultimate teacher and learning fan!

Laura Holmes

2nd grade teacher
  • Wonderful garden tidier
  • Classic rock n roller
  • Nature nurturer

Ted Holmes

Director of Admissions
  • Dogged cyclist
  • Committed kayaker
  • Unrepentant Survivor fan

Caitlin Jarvis

Communication Coordinator & Registrar, Assistant to the Head of School
  • Eugene-native
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dolly Parton superfan

Angela Jimerson

Maintanence Crew

Nimisha Joshi

2nd Grade Teacher
  • Bollywood dancer
  • Flexible linguist (speaks 3 Indian languages & Japanese)
  • Adventurous- especially with colors, cuisines and places

Adam Kratz

4th grade teacher
  • Born & raised in West Seattle
  • Amateur cartographer
  • Lover of outside activities

Mary Kratz

5th/6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Llama lover
  • Passionate about exploring the world in & beyond the classroom
  • Working for a world with peace & justice

Erin Lally

Performing Arts Theater and Movement Teacher
  • Loves the blues
  • Real crafty (or rather.. longs to be!)
  • The beach is her happy place

Margery Lamden

Visual Arts teacher
  • Lover of life
  • Passionate about color, design and art in general
  • Loves the energy of water, light and laughter

Michael Le

Director of Technology
  • Singer of songs
  • Player of games
  • Breaker of breads

Michaela Lee

Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
  • Dog lover
  • Tennis player
  • Food enthusiast

Heidi Lennstrom

3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Lover of obscure films
  • Rat enthusiast
  • Science geek

Marsha Lovely

1st Grade Teacher
  • Loves to bake
  • Accidental gardener
  • Funny

Jeremy Luscher

5th/6th Grade Science Teacher
  • Outdoor adventurer
  • Animal lover
  • Passionate about developing stewards for planet earth through STEM education

Simon Mangiaracina

Colleen McCullagh

Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning Coordinator
  • Outdoor adventurer
  • List maker
  • Smokey the Bear's biggest fan

Nick Minaglia

2nd Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Optimistic
  • Music fan
  • Camping and hiking enthusiast

Daniella Miramontes

Middle School Spanish Teacher
  • Soccer is life
  • Foodie forever
  • Family over everything!

Camille Montano

Digital Arts, Prekindergarten Instructional Assistant
  • Loves long-distance bike trips
  • Avid pie-maker
  • Happiest near the ocean

Susannah Muench

Middle School Head
  • Professional bedtime story-teller and song-singer
  • Lover of markets
  • World explorer

Maddie Musselman-Brown

Prekindergarten Instructional Assistant
  • Creative
  • Animal lover
  • Adventure seeker

Mary Newbould

Lower School Spanish Teacher
  • Proud abuela
  • Nature lover
  • International ice cream lover

Sarah Path

7th/8th Grade Science Teacher

Jen Paur

Long-Term 7th/8th Grade Science Sub
  • Insects! Insects! Insects!
  • Bouncing Lindy Hopper
  • Lots of laughing

Ryan Rainbolt

4th Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Bay Area native
  • Lover of all things sports
  • Fascinated by great stories (science fiction, historical, etc.)

Chris Reardon

First Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Kid at heart
  • Garden lover
  • Wanna be grandma

Claudia Ross-Weston

Prekindergarten Teacher
  • Fostering compassion for children, families and the environment
  • Master camp/quantity chef
  • Sewing & knitting enthusiast

Lauren Salazar

Kate Sandler

Extended Day Program & Summer Coordinator
  • Favorite city: Detroit, MI
  • Avid knitter
  • Pet parrot has his own Instagram

Jeremy Smith

Middle School Mandarin Teacher
  • Cookie monster
  • Tea connoisseur
  • Connector of dots

Laura Smith

Front Desk Coordinator
  • Tea enthusiast
  • Lover of nature
  • Dog mom

Renee Smith

1st Grade Teacher
  • Witty
  • Word smith
  • Mother

Sylvia Spicer

Middle School Spanish, Lower School Library

Ildi Strieker

1st Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Active
  • Loves hiking
  • Crazy about my kids

Janet Tan

Lower School Mandarin Teacher
  • Panda & birds lover
  • Swimmer
  • Neighborhood Christmas decoration competitor

Mike Thomas

Director of Athletics, Middle School P.E. teacher
  • Spokane boy
  • Talks well with kids
  • Westside's resident head-banger

Thai Truong

Maintanence Crew

Betsy Watkins

Lower School Head
  • Canine cuddler
  • Loyal friend
  • Kindness curator

Sam Williams

3rd Grade Instructional Assistant
  • Musician
  • Loves geography
  • Seattle sports fan

Amanda Wisniewski (Jones)

Community Health and Wellness Coordinator
  • Grateful for the written word
  • Collector of culinary contraptions
  • Savoring is my superpower