Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is Westside School's governing body.

Westside School is governed by a Board of Trustees. The board is responsible for the integrity of the school, the standing and reputation built by its founders and those who have labored over the years. The board holds in trust the school's future as well as its present; the board's collective judgment will affect how the institution can serve constituencies to come. 

Board Responsibilities:

  • To organize and manage itself so as to fulfill its duties to the school.
  • To plan, develop, and establish policy, and to assess the school's performance.
  • The school's financial condition and physical plant.
  • Hiring and evaluating the Head of School and working cooperatively with that person.

Board Committees

  • Executive Committee: This committee is made up of the Head of School, Board President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and other key trustees. It is responsible for planning the Board meetings and acts as an advisory group to the Head of School. 

  • DEIB Committee: Ensures that the board leadership addresses the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in its decisions and practices. Partners with the Director of DEIB to further the DEIB goals of the school.

  • Building and Grounds Committee: Oversees the growth and development of the school’s site and grounds.

  • Governance Committee: Manages new Trustee recruitment and onboarding, reviews and revises (as needed) governance documents and policies, facilitates the annual Board self-evaluation process, facilitates Trustee education and training, and reviews the school’s annual audit

  • Advancement Committee: Oversees the annual goals for fundraising and strategic marketing and monitors advancement activities of the school to support the Advancement team in meeting its goals.

  • Finance Committee: Ensures the long-term financial health of the school. It reviews and approves the annual budget and drafts financial policies. 

  • Audit Committee: Reviews the school’s annual audit and makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

2023-2024 Board of Trustees


  • President: Rory Tipton
  • Vice-President: John Schack
  • Treasurer: Josh Utt
  • Secretary: Courtney Flora
  • Luis Aguilar
  • Garrett Bandy
  • Jason Bennett
  • Hallidie Haid
  • Andrew LaBadie
  • Radhika Makhija
  • Colleen Montoya Barbano
  • Jen Pham-Corbett
  • Gabe Verdugo


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