Congratulations to our Westside Students of the Trimester!

This year, Westside is starting a new special tradition, Students of the Trimester, to celebrate our students who especially embody our Westside Middle School core values: respect, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and personal best .

Students in the middle school nominated a number of students in their grade level that they felt embodied the Westside Middle School core values and then had the chance to vote in advisory on their top choice. At our middle school assembly last Friday, one student per grade level was announced. It was a surprise to the students who were chosen, and it was wonderful moment to watch them be cheered on by the middle school students, Westside staff & faculty, and their parents.

Join us in celebrating our first Students of the Trimester!


5th Grade: Olivia

"Olivia is a kid who lights up during any and all brainstorm sessions. She loves to ignite her creativity and share ideas with others. She is a kind and respectful teammate when working in partnerships, a valued friend by her peers, and a cheerleader for the success of others." 
- Erin B, 5th/6th Math Teacher

“Olivia is so kind and nice and never spreads negativity”
- Westside 5th Grade Student

"She is always helping everyone, and always says sorry, even if she doesn’t need to. She is SUPER respectful!”
- Westside 5th Grade Student

"She is very kind and willing to help anyone. She helps anyone in need and she respects everyone and she is just a very kind person and tries her best.”
- Westside 5th Grade Student

She's funny and clever, and is always involved fully in whatever we are doing. She's a great part of the Westside community!"
- Heidi L, 3rd Grade IA and Wolfpack leader of Olivia's Wolfpack


6th Grade: Miller

“Miller is a student who eats, sleeps and breathes "integrity." He stands up for the truth, as it pertains to himself and to others, even when it is hard or unpopular. He is a realist. And to boot, he has a fabulous sense of humor!”
- Erin, 5th/6th Grade Math Teacher

“Miller deserves to be Student of the Trimester because he is very helpful and focused, he always perseveres (in a timely manner!) and every day he's a supportive, kind, and a trusting team member.”
- Westside 6th Grade Student

“Miller is such an outstanding person! Not only is he studious and enthusiastic about learning, he is also a great friend to everyone and always presents a calm, fair, honest voice to the classroom. I am constantly impressed with the way Miller carries himself - determined to put his best foot forward and always do what is right.”
- Keliko, 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Teacher

"He completes all his assignments and gives his best. He is a perfect embodiment of the core values and it is obvious.”
- Westside 6th Grade Student



7th Grade: Madelyn

"Madelyn works from an incredible place of internal motivation. She always puts forth tremendous focus into everything she does. Her warm demeanor is a welcomed constant and the respect she displays to both teachers and her peers is commendable."-
Kendra, 7th/8th 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

"If Westside were put into a person, Madelyn would be that person. Anybody you ask would say that Madelyn represents all of the core values... If you looked up kindness in the dictionary, Madelyn would pop up... She was definitely the best person for this award.” - Westside 7th Grade Student

“It isn't easy to really embody a single core value, but Madelyn embodies all five, and makes it appear effortless. She treats everybody with grace and kindness, and assumes best intentions. She gives her personal best every day in class and in practice. When a concept is new to her, she gathers information and then immediately starts working on becoming her best with it. If it is something she already knows and has already worked on, she looks for improvement, realizing that diligence pays off.” - Mike, Director of Athletics and Middle School PE Teacher


8th Grade: Tamsin

"Not only does Tamsin represent all the school values, but she also is someone who you can laugh with, talk with, and overall have a great time.”
- Westside 8th Grade Student

“Tamsin respect those in her surroundings, does her best in everything she does, is kind and caring, takes responsibility, and has integrity with everything she does.”
- Westside 8th Grade Student

"Tamsin embodies all of our Middle School core values with grace. She is thoughtful, diligent, and operates from a place of justice and kindness. Never without a smile and a friend to all, Tamsin is respected by both her peers and teachers. Our middle school is better because she is part of it."
- Kendra, 7th/8th Grade Language Arts Teacher 


Congratulations to our Trimester 2 Students of the Trimester!