Beyond the Classroom

Extended Day 

Our program extends beyond the traditional classroom day. Our Extended Day program offers childcare for parents who need a safe place for their children to go before and after school. Students have the option to finish homework, play games, read, or play outside, all supervised by a team of Westside School Instructional Assistants.

After School Enrichment

In addition to Extended Day, Westside School offers after school enrichment classes. These classes allow students to pursue a variety of different opportunities -- everything from robotics to sewing. After School Enrichment is offered five sessions a year (fall, winter, and spring) and there is an additional fee. During the spring enrichment session, Westside School offers a musical theater production in partnership with Sing Out Seattle

Summer Program

Our summer program was launched summer 2011, in response to growing interest. Our program is available on a weekly basis, and offers traditional day camp experiences, along with specialty camps -- Rock 'n Roll, musical theater and more. Starting summer 2012, our day camp program is available for currently enrolled pre-kindergarten students. Additional camps are available to students enrolled at Westside School, and as well as students from schools in the greater Seattle area. 


With the launch of Westside School's Middle School program came a school year athletic program. Middle School students participate in cross country, basketball, volleyball and track and field.