Why Give?

Each year, Westside School relies on contributions to provide critical support to our operating budget above and beyond tuition, allowing us to invest in essential core elements of our program including:

  • Recruiting, developing and retaining exceptional faculty and staff with the skills and resources to support the mission, values and academic initiatives of our school
  • Engaging our students deeply in the Westside experience, one that is challenging, engaging and joyful.

  • The Tuition Assistance Program, which allows us to cultivate a student body of the highest caliber, with students who are engaged and elevate the educational experience of their peers
  • First-rate educational experiences in academics, the arts and the great outdoors, that allow students to dive deep into their passions and into the world around us.

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Westside School education. Through the Westside School Fund and Annual Spirit Auction, funds raised cover 10% of our operating budget for the year and bridge the $2,300/student gap between tuition revenue and the cost to educate each student. Your generosity helps make Westside School a great place to learn and teach, providing the support to help us attract and retain top-notch faculty members and continue to offer exceptional programs which are unique to Westside School.

Check out some stories below to see how your gift impacts the school!

Westside Stories

Inspired Teaching

Westside School believes one is never finished learning. Often, faculty and staff are given opportunities away from school to engage with education professionals and leaders and bring the knowledge back to Westside School.

In February 2016, Michael Le, Director of Technology, and Susannah Muench, Director of Technology & Literacy Integration, attended the EdTech Teacher Innovation Summit where they were encouraged to think about “what’s next.” Over three days EdTech leaders from around the world came together to share ideas on how to transform student learning and address the challenge of how to best innovate education.

“Half way through the summit, I realized Westside School has a unique potential for education through technology and it was within my grasp to use my newfound knowledge to propel us far into the future. Through a number of hands-on workshops, such as iPad use, tech coaching and leadership, I developed the skills to enhance the use of tech school-wide, from students to teachers to families. I look forward to building on our tech program and making Westside School a pioneer in technology education.” – Michael Le, Director of Technology

“One of the most inspiring things I learned at the Innovation Summit was that with so many technology initiatives available, you can’t expect to do them all. Rather, you need to step back, look at the big picture, where you want Westside School to be, where you want your students to be and what aspects of technology will help further that vision. As such, Michael and I came up with the slogan ‘Create & Collaborate.’ Our driving force as the Tech & Literacy Program develops is to integrate technology in a way that enhances collaboration between students while engaging their creatives minds.” – Susannah Muench, Director of Technology and Literacy Integration

Annual Giving makes it possible for Michael, Susannah, and other Westside School teachers to attend important conferences and workshops every year. You can support this work by making your gift today!

Creative Exploration

Westside School believes that learning through creativity is essential to developing the whole child and preparing them for the world. Each year students are given a variety of projects that inspire creativity.

In 2016, in celebration of Earth Day, students collected trash and recycled goods to build articles of clothing for Westside’s First Annual Trashion Show. Students strutted their recycled garments down the runway both showcasing their creative collaboration, commitment to the earth and to vow to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Annual giving supports Westside School’s arts programs, creative projects such as the Trashion Show, and ensures each student has many chances to explore their creative mind. making your gift today!


Innovative Learning

Since 2012 Westside School has been igniting minds through robotics programming and design. Each year students in grades fifth through eighth have the opportunity to develop their STEM skills by learning block programming, robot design, and applying robotic properties to real life situations.

In 2015 the 7th grade robotics team made Westside School history by making it to the semi-finals at the Annual First Lego League robotics competition. After competing against 35 teams and making it to the top 5, they headed to compete against the best of the best at the semi-finals. The challenge: Trash Trek, the assignment: to improve the way people handle the trash they make. From start to finish Westside students worked together to produce a project based on ocean clean-up and trash incineration. Through Westside’s robotic program, these students continue to develop critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving, along with 21st century skills such as creativity, imagination, curiosity, and innovation.

A curriculum that includes robotics provides students with the ability to take an active role in their own learning and forms a necessary foundation for likes in the ever-changing world. Your contribution to the Annual Fund allows Westside School to remain innovative and supports technology initiatives like the robotics enrichment program. Click here to make a gift today!


2016 Robotics Competition

Collective Brilliance

Westside School strives for a learning environment that encourages brilliance from all students. Through the Tuition Assistance Program, we are able to offer an education to students from all backgrounds and financial situations, who are exceptional learners and elevate Westside’s collective brilliance.

“After moving from the East coast last year, my kids were nervous about starting at a new school in Seattle. They have both succeeded in public school, but I always felt they weren’t challenged enough. We chose Westside School because they offered an extensive arts program (for my daughter) and small class sizes. Because Westside was able to provide us with scholarships, my kids are flourishing more than ever. My daughter has blossomed in the theater program, participating in plays throughout the year and summer, while my son is enjoying his classmates and ENJOYS coming to school each day.” - Mom of a 1st and 3rd grader

In addition, funds raised for the Tuition Assistance Program allows Westside School to participate in Rainier Scholars, a program dedicated to “cultivating the academic potential and leadership skills of hard-working, low-income students of color.” Westside is proud to have three Rainier Scholars for the 2016-2017 school year. As funds become available we hope to see that number increase in the future.

By supporting Annual Giving, you can make a difference in a child’s life and contribute to Westside School’s unique collective brilliance. Click here to make a gift today!


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