The Westside School Family and Global Citizenship Image

Embracing Global Citizenship

We provide experiences that prepare students to be active members of the global community. We know the world of their future will be expansive and diverse, demanding empathetic and creative citizens who pose challenging questions and seek thorough answers. Day-in and day-out Westside School students develop the abilities that, one day, will be used to address the challenges they are called to meet.

Mandarin and Spanish: A Window on the World

Students in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth grade study languages spoken by over 1.4 billion people. We believe learning a language is more than grammar and vocabulary -- it is understanding there are different approaches to life and perspectives on the world. Our students love learning new words and being able to speak in a different language. As their command of a new language grows, our teachers share stories and experiences from native-speaking countries, enhancing students' understanding of other traditions and cultures.