Technology in the Classroom

Middle School


Technology at Westside

The role of technology in our lives are ever-changing. At Westside School we provide opportunites for students from grades Kindergarten thru 8th grade to experience Technology with a hands-on approach.

In the Lower School, our Technology Specialist travels to students classrooms to work on activities or lesson extensions with support from a classroom set of iPads. Students are expected to learn about digital citizenship, integrative ways to use technology, create content, and explore new Apps.

In the Middle School, Westside has a 1:1 iPad program. Integration of technology is done fluidly through the Middle School where students are expected to use their iPads for completing assignments and collaborating with one another.

Westside School requires each student to protect their iPad with a case. We recommend one of the following:


Belkin Brand

Targus Brand w/o Keyboard


All students (and a parent or guardian) must sign Westside School's Acceptable Use Policy.

Here is a link to Michael's blog about some of the things he is currently doing at Westside School.