Discipline & Respect Policy

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Building Empathy for Others

The Westside School community strives to treat one another with honesty, respect and generosity of spirit, to respect one another, the school, the community, and the environment. WestsideSchool's discipline policy follows the same respectful guidelines. Discipline is preventative and positive. Teachers and staff speak and interact with children in a way that preserves and enhances self-esteem.

 Second Step

The Second Step program is a multi-grade, research-based curriculum, designed to assist students in developing strong social and emotional skills as well as the skills needed to constructively address conflict. Through Second Step, created by the Committee for Children, students practice skills in essential competencies: empathy, impulse control, problem solving and anger management. Understanding how to address and resolve conflict together is an essential function of a successful community.

Steps to Respect

Steps to Respect, also created by the Committee for Children, teaches students to recognize, refuse, and report bullying, be assertive, and build friendships. The program helps kids feel safe and supported by the adults around them, so they can build stronger bonds to school and focus on academics.

Roots of Empathy

Our second grade classes and our seventh grade students participate in Roots of Empathy. Through monthly visits from a parent and the baby over the course of the school year, students learn how to read human emotions nonverbally and understand what causes various behaviors. Westside School was one of the original pilot sites for Roots of Empathy in Seattle, and the only private school to offer the program at the time. 

Westside School's formal Code of Conduct can be found in the Parent Handbook.