"The culture is warm and inclusive. I feel the staff and kids are very inspired, and very diligent. It is a pleasure to be a parent here . Thank you."

                                          - Westside Parent


Parent involvement in the Westside School community is a long standing tradition – and one of the things that makes Westside truly a special place.  

A healthy, respectful and collaborative partnership between home and school is the foundation for student success. Parents are encourage parents to volunteer, finding the ways that work best for them – be it in your student’s classroom, for the school auction, or for a WPO event.

Our campus supports our partnership with parents. Parents enjoy our wireless network and fresh hot coffee made every morning by Mr. B. This is all in an effort to make you feel welcome – this is your community and your school. Being involved means getting to know the school, your child(ren)’s friends, and other parents. If you want to feel informed and experience a sense of community, become involved.  Parent volunteers, via the WPO, fundraising, and other activities provide thousands of hours to ensure the success of our school community. 

Parents are held to the same high standard as all other members of the Westside community. A commitment to open, honest, and supportive communication with your child’s teacher is critical. As ambassadors for the school, parents are encouraged to support the school in its efforts to provide an exemplary education. Concerns, questions and suggestions should be brought directly to the school.

A successful Westside Family…

  • Makes a long-term commitment to the school
  • Has thought deeply about the match between the Westside’s mission and values and the family’s values
  • Is involved in school activities and events
  • Is supportive of school programs and policies
  • Is a positive, proactive ambassador within the school community and the community at large
  • Supports the school’s fund raising activities