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I believe in music for all!

Music should be something that is enjoyed daily. There is so much to love about music and I try to instill both joy and a musical curiosity in all of my students.  I believe that students should be exposed to as many musical genres, mediums, and performances as possible, so that they might better discover their own music path.  I think that the best teachers are those that are honest with their students, and are willing to go outside their own comfort zone, which is how I try to approach everyday in the music classroom. 

Performing Arts Department update!

Greetings from the Performing Arts Department! There have been many fun and exciting things taking place in the Middle School performing arts classes over the past week. Read more »

Stomp Information

Dear Parents,

I wanted to clarify the process for the stomp performances in regards to the assembly and Spring Fling.

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Important Information Regarding Spring Fling

Winterfest was a wonderful opportunity to hear all the students in the Westside community perform! The draw-back was that each class had a limited number of pieces they could present because of time limitations. Due to the large number of pieces that all of the grade levels are working on for Spring Fling, there will be two performances – one for the Early and Lower School (PS – 4thgrades) and one for the Middle School (5th– 7thgrades.)

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Update 2/15/13



Here is an update on what is happening in music class.

Preschool – The Preschool students have been working on their song for Spring Fling, and we have started to learn how to identify different instruments.

Kindergarten – The Kindergarten classes have continued their work on the “Muppet Show” and are almost finished with the first section.

1stGrade – The 1stgrade students have been working very hard on their songs for Spring Fling. Please encourage them to practice at home. Read more »

Classroom Update 1/25/13


Hi there!

Just a quick note on what is happening in music.

Preschool – Preschool has started to learn one of their songs for Spring Fling this week. Please feel free to ask them to sing it for you at home. They have also started to learn the concept of high and low pitches.  

Kindergarten – The Kindergarten classes have been working on their first piece for Spring Fling, and they are progressing very quickly. Read more »

1/11/13 Update


Happy New Year!

I hope that you all had an excellent break and a happy holiday season. This music department is back in full swing, and the students have already started learning new music.

Preschool – We have started to explore the idea of “the beat” this week, and we will continue this process throughout the rest of the year. Read more »

Wonderful Winterfest Performance!



Hello Everyone.


Thank you to all the parents and students for making Winterfest such a wonderful event! The students have been working very hard over the past few months to learn their music, and they all did an excellent job performing their pieces.

 I can't wait for our next performance!




Update From the Music Classroom 10/5/12

Hi all!

I just want to give everyone a quick update on how things are going in music class. I have put a little note about each of the grade levels, but if you have any questions please let me know.

Preschool – This week the preschool kids worked on listening in music class. They had to move their bodies to music and patch the tempo of the music. Also, they started to learn a new song for Winterfest.

Kindergarten – This week we started to learn about dynamics, and how to identify quiet and loud music. We also started to learn our song for Winterfest. Read more »

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