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Art. Music. PE. World Languages.

The Foundation for Creativity

Don't let the word "specialty" confuse you. At Westside School, we place high value on our specialty classes. Providing students the opportunity to experience the arts, world languages, and regular Phyical Education have always been a part of  our rich curriculum. We believe those classes are critical to a well rounded education. 

A growing body of research shows integration of subjects, including the arts, produces positive social development, habits of mind, and thinking proclivity. Students begin to reflect on their own learning because the curriculum often connects the lessons to their own experiences, raising their emotional connection to what they learn. This builds a community of learners rather than classrooms where students learn alone.

A strong foundation in multiple disciplinary knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge in new ways - is the foundation for creativity. Westside School believes creativity is a skill all students have an opportunity to achieve.