Middle School

At each grade level in Middle School, the curriculum is “anchored” by essential  theme questions posed in the science and/or social studies units.  

Subjects Common Across All Grades

Humanities: Humanities integrates reading, writing, and history.  
Social Studies: Themes include culture; people, places and environments; individual development and identity; groups and institutions; power authority and governance; production, distribution and consumption; science, technology and society; global connections and civic ideals/practices.
World Languages: Students choose between Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. The program follows the five C’s standards for world language education: Communication, Comparisons, Culture, Connections and Communities. 
Math: Students will advance their understanding of math concepts along a developmental continuum. 
Science: The scientific method and process will be presented as experiential labs, as well as constitute course work in the four basic areas of science: biology, earth science, physics and chemistry.  
Advisory: Each student will be a member of a small multi-age group paired with a teacher that meets daily and pursues an articulated curriculum addressing issues of early adolescence, including issues of relationships, health and decision‐making. 
Arts: Students experience the visusal arts through The Art Wheel.  Visiting working artists teach drawing, ceramics, sculpture, etching and more. Perrforming arts are included --  Shakespeare's The Tempest was produced in early spring. 
Music: Skills are developed by participation in instrumental or percussion ensembles, which integrate vocal opportunities, or composition study in keyboarding/technology.  
Outdoor Education & Field Trips: There are at least two overnight trips per year, as well as a  number of daily field trips to support and enhance the Middle School learning experience. 
Technology. Each Middle School student is assigned an iPad to support the learning process. Every student must sign a responsible use agreement outlining the expectations around the care and use of their iPad and the internet.