Josh's Third Grade Class

Balance is key in third grade.

We balance projects and skills, process and product, and independence and interdependence.  

Most of all, if we’re not having fun, we have some rethinking to do!

Reading Reflection Projects are on display in Room 210

It was great to see so many of you at the auction last weekend and then again in the classroom for our Reading Reflection Project presentations this week. The kids did such a wonderful job with their projects. It's a lot of fun for Kristel and me to see how much they improve from one project to the next!

Another Fantastic Week!

This week in third grade, we started our Science of Sound unit!  Students experimented with pitch and volume using tuning forks to investigate which material would produce the loudest sound.  We also talked about how marine mammals use echolocation to communicate underwater and explored the website Voices in the Sea to hear their sounds.    Read more »

Fractions, Native Americans, and TWEET

Whew!  What a busy and productive week we had practicing fractions, performing our musical, TWEET, and learning about Native Americans!  Read more »

100th Day and upcoming excitement!

Hello Third Grade Families!

What an amazing and sunny week we had! Read more »

What a week!

Valentines Day, Pizza Friday, and the day before break, oh my! Read more »

Mini Biomes

We had a great time creating mini-biomes this week. All of our donated 2 liter water bottles were put to good use as we explored what makes a biome survive in a very tangible way. Table groups created their own biomes which include terrestrial and aquatic plant and animal life. Our biomes will be living in the hallway outside of our classroom. Make sure to stop by to check out the incredible little worlds inside!

Reading Reflection Projects and Reminders for Next Week

Hi Families,

The kids did such a phenomenal job presenting their Reading Reflection Projects this week. Thank you so much for coming into the class and being an audience member. Presentation skills are such an important part of what we get to teach at Westside, and it wouldn’t be the same without your support!

Beyond that, I just a few quick reminders for you: Read more »

Bios, Bioms, and RRPs!

Hi Families,

If there was one word to sum up this week, it would be productive! Despite the chill in the air, we were kept warm with a constant flurry of activity!

Work continued on our biography magic books. The books are close to finished and will be on display soon. Keep your eyes peeled! Read more »


We’re very excited to welcome visitors on Tuesday, November 26th for Grandparents and Special Friends Day. For more information, check the school homepage HERE.

Reading Reflection Projects

Hi Families, Read more »

All sorts of stories

Hello Third-Grade Families,

We had another great week, up in room 210! Though, at times, it was blustery outside, we kept busy and warm, working on a variety of project and activities. Read more »

Seattle and Beyond!

Another exciting week in Room 210!!         Read more »

Pizza, pictures, and fog, oh my!

Hi Families,

We had a great end to a busy week, here in third grade. We continued to observe and learn about our mustard plants that are growing out in the hall. Some of them are really taking off!

In social studies, our maps are continuing to develop and we’ve begun to discuss the natural resources that are found in various parts of our continent. The kids have a great grasp on the importance and scarcity of those natural resources. We’ve had great discussions on water, minerals, and wood, to name a few. Read more »

See you Tuesday for Experience Learning Night!

What a week! Here are some highlights:

                -Cinquain Poems: We had a lot of fun with this first part of our biographical writing unit. I’d love to share more, but you’ll have to join us this Tuesday (10/8) between 6:00 and 7:00 at Experience Learning Night to get all of the details. Read more »

Communities and Our Environment

Hi Families,

It’s already Friday again! This week seems to have flown by!

We continued our investigation into different types of communities and started a conversation about how those communities impact the world around them. Our discussions about communities and the environment have been insightful and exciting. Read more »

3 Weeks in 3rd Grade!

Hi Families,

Well, we’ve wrapped up another week of third grade and I feel like we’re really cooking with gas, as they say. In fact, it’s hard to believe we’ve only been doing this for two and a half weeks! Read more »

Humans of 3rd Grade

Hi Families,

With another great week complete, I’m sure your kids are ready for some rest and relaxation this weekend!

Here are some highlights of the week:

-The kids have been through a few math lessons and did a great job rotating between independent work, working with Kristel, and working with me.  Additionally, we started on a number line project focused on teamwork and cooperation, but using math as a base topic. Read more »

First Friday of Third Grade

Hi Families,

Week one gets a big gold star! We made it through the first three days with ease, finished the week with a Taiko Drumming Assembly as icing on the cake, and will be going into week two with some great momentum!

We’ll jump right into a fairly normal schedule at some point next week.  Once that starts, I’ll post a general copy to this site and send one via email. Read more »

Anchors Away!

Dear Third-Grade Students and Families, Read more »

The Corps of Discovery visit Lincoln Park


Here are some pictures from our trip to Lincoln Park last Thursday:

L & C @ L P


Also... Read more »

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