Update From the Music Classroom 10/5/12

Hi all!

I just want to give everyone a quick update on how things are going in music class. I have put a little note about each of the grade levels, but if you have any questions please let me know.

Preschool – This week the preschool kids worked on listening in music class. They had to move their bodies to music and patch the tempo of the music. Also, they started to learn a new song for Winterfest.

Kindergarten – This week we started to learn about dynamics, and how to identify quiet and loud music. We also started to learn our song for Winterfest.

1st Grade – This week the 1st graders have started to learn Brahm’s Lullaby and the Second Start to the Right.

2nd Grade – The 2nd graders started to learn the “round” for Winterfest and When You Wish Upon a Star.

3rd Grade- We have started learning more about rhythm and they have started one of their songs for Winterfest.

4th Grade – The 4th graders worked hard this week and have succeeded in doing some very hard rhythmic  identifications, which they were awesome at, and they have also started to learn one of their songs for Winterfest.

5th and 6th Grade – All of the 6th graders were gone this week, but I was lucky enough to get some of the 5th graders from the A and B sections yesterday. The A section started their work on We Will Rock You and their homework is to learn the words for the third verse. The B-section worked on Falling Slowly and are starting to get it down.

7th Grade – The 7th graders have started to learn their pieces for Winterfest, and we worked on identifying their vocal ranges. Their homework is to learn the first part of their song.