First Things First

November 9, 2012

Dear Families,

We took full advantage of this full week of school!  Added to the usual suspects was the study of continents, specifically North America.  Our schedule for the next few weeks looks like this:

  • North America :  November 5-9
  • Europe :  November 13-16
  • Antarctica :  November  19 & 20th (not much to say LOL)
  • Africa & Asia: November 26-30
  • Australia  & South America:  December 3-7

During these weeks we will explore geography, culture, famous persons, resources, and more!  In addition, we will be connecting the continents with our own family history.   Each student in first grade (Renee’s & Margie’s first grades!) will create a Family Project to present at a potluck celebration on Tuesday, December 18th.  You will be learning a lot more about the Family Project and the potluck!  For now, reserve the afternoon (around 1:30) of December 18th (if you can J) to enjoy your students presentation and success!

I know we have a well traveled class, and connections in the form of books or souvenirs from world travels are welcome.  Students love to share their experiences, and artifacts make learning real. ( Of course, don’t send in anything fragile or expensive. )

This is a fun, meaningful unit.  The knowledge base is added to in second grade with an in-depth look at the United States.  We also take a first look at research and writing an informational text to read for an audience. That is a lot of ‘firsts’.

Thanks for all you do!
~Renee & Nick