Applying To Westside

Application process

Learn about the school

We encourage you to take a tour of Westside School. This is your best way to see the school in action and to hear about the program directly from our educators. Please explore our curriculum guides for our Lower and Middle School to learn about our curriculum in detail. REGISTER FOR A LOWER SCHOOL TOUR NOW ON RAVENNA To arrange a Middle School tour, please call our office of admission: 206-932-2511

Complete an application

Westside School uses the Ravenna online application system and shares a common PSIS (Puget Sound Independent Schools) application. The Ravenna System will guide you through all of the steps outlined below, as well as keep you updated on the status of your child’s application. We welcome your interest and hope you'll apply for the 2017 - 2018 academic year. APPLY NOW ON RAVENNA

Submit a teacher's evaluation

Westside School requests you submit at least one teacher evaluation for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten and at least two for grades first through eighth. These evaluations can be delegated via the Ravenna system to any teachers you choose. You need only submit a teacher's name and email address and he or she will be notified of your request. Teachers of your choice will fill out a form, which will be entered directly into the Ravenna system. We recommend you ask a current and past teacher to submit an evaluation (two current teachers would also suffice.) If your child is just beginning school and you have no current teacher as such, we suggest you delegate the form to an unrelated adult who has known your child as a caregiver or other capacity such daycare, Gymboree, music lessons, etc.

Submit student transcripts or reports

Please have your child’s current school submit student transcripts or teacher reports (reports sent home to you, not the PSIS teacher evaluation forms) to Ravenna. For first through eighth grade candidates, we require your child's fall transcript from the current school year and a full transcript from 2015 - 2016. These will be scanned by Ravenna and uploaded into our paperless system. We are aware some pre-schools do not provide written reports. If this is the case for your child, we will waive this requirement.

Sign up for a parent/guardian interview

It is important to us we meet all prospective parents and guardians. We’ll use this 20 minute interview to get to know you better, learn more about your child, and answer any remaining questions you have about Westside School. You will use the Ravenna system to sign up for a parent and guardian interview after you formally apply.

Student observation for prekindergarten and kindergarten applicants

One of the most important pieces of the Admission process for our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten applicants is a 60 minute student observation visit. We have set aside two Saturdays (one in February, one in March) to meet your child. Visiting prospective students will be placed in small groups, where they will go through a short “day” of school. School evaluators will observe prospective students as they participate in group and individual activities. We invite parents and guardians remain on site during the observation. While waiting, you’ll hear from a panel representing various school constituencies, including our Head of School, faculty and current parents/guardians.

Student visit for first through fourth grade applicants

Candidates for first grade will attend a 60 minute observation visit with other prospective first grade students. At this time candidates will take part in a short "school day". Students applying for second through fourth grade will be invited to spend a half day on campus. These visits allow us a chance to get to know your child and to assess his or her readiness for our program., At the same time, these visits give prospective students a real sense of what it would be like to attend Westside School.

Middle School application process and school visit (grades five through eight)

Middle School applicants will submit applications on Ravenna, our online application system, where the steps below will be outlined for you.


  • Teacher evaluations: Two teacher evaluations are required. For fifth and sixth grade candidates, we prefer one evaluation from this year’s core teacher and one from the previous school year. For seventh and eighth grade, we prefer one evaluation each from this year’s math and humanities teachers. You will delegate these forms through your Ravenna account.
  • Student Observation: All Middle School applicants will come to campus for a one hour observation visit. At this time your child will join a group of up to six applicants to work on a project and participate in a group discussion. We invite parents and guardians to remain on site for a question and answer session with the Head of School, a faculty member and a current parent/guardian. You will register for this visit through your Ravenna account.
  • Parent/Guardian Interview: We will use this 20 minute interview to learn more about your applicant and family. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about Westside School. You will register for this visit through your Ravenna account.
  • Essay: All Middle School applicants are required to submit a short essay. You will choose from one of three prompts. The prompts are shared by several Puget Sound Independent Schools (PSIS)
  • Testing: All Middle School applicants are required to take the ISEE exam. This admission test is offered here at Westside School and throughout the Seattle area.

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