"I like the small class sizes -- the engaged teachers and the great access I have to my child's teacher. I like that my child is challenged and engaged at her level -- and her teacher knows her well enough and has the time to be thoughtful about her learning so she is challenged at a level appropriate for her."

                    - Westside School Parent

Westside School teachers are the backbone of the school. They are directly responsible for delivering the mission of Westside School to our students everyday, in every interaction. Our teachers are committed to the success of every student.

Because of our small class sizes, Westside School teachers develop a close teaching relationship with every student in their class. Across all grades, our teachers and instructional assistants encourage students to work at their highest level and provide a supportive classroom for risk taking.  Our educators are the pride of Westside School!

Lower School

Fourth grade teacher
Pre-kindergarten teacher
Chris Reardon
Pre-kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Pre-kindergarten teacher
Fourth grade Instructional Assistant
Third grade Instructional Assistant
Kindergarten Instructional Assistant
Third grade teacher
Instructional Assistant
Fourth grade teacher
Fourth grade Instructional Assistant
Second grade teacher
Second grade Instructional Assistant
First grade teacher
Kindergarten teacher
First grade teacher
Richard Gawne
Second grade teacher
Third grade Instructional Assistant

Middle School

Humanities/High School Counselor
Fifth grade STEM teacher
Fifth grade Humanities instructor
Middle School STEM
Middle School STEM instructor and Outdoor Education Coordinator
Middle School Humanities instructor


Visual Arts Teacher
Pre-kindergarten through first grade Art Instructor
Lower School Spanish teacher
Middle School Spanish teacher
Middle School Mandarin teacher
Mike Thomas
Middle School Athletic Director
Music and Performing Arts