Westside School is accredited by the Northwest Associaton of Independent Schools (NWAIS).

Why is accreditation by the NWAIS important?

NWAIS schools engage in a continuous process of research, reflection, and on-going improvement that enables them to stay relevant to their missions and to the students and families they serve. Schools demonstrate this commitment by working continuously to improve their educational programs, actively participating in professional development opportunities, and pursuing and maintaining accreditation by NWAIS.

Westside holds itself accountable by participating in the Association's rigorous accreditation process, ensuring that we maintain a high quality educational program through a commitment to ongoing improvement.

NWAIS Core Values

Essential Characteristics of NWAIS schools

Overview of NWAIS Accreditation

What does it Mean to Be Accredited by NWAIS?

Westside is also approved by the Washington State Board of Education, having met the State Standards Certificate of Compliance for private schools.