About Westside

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Over 30 Years of Joyful Learning in West Seattle

"I love the community feel of the school and the open door policy with teachers and administrators. I feel that the teachers really know and understand my children -- both their strengths and weaknesses -- and therefore know how to motivate, encourage, and challenge them."                

                     -- Westside School Parent

At Westside, classrooms buzz with energy and curiosity. Teachers cultivate learning environments celebrating students’ individuality and creativity.

Our curriculum simultaneously supports and challenges students. It encourages each student – from preschool through 7th grade (adding 8th grade fall 2013) to become confident contributors, critical thinkers, and empathetic friends.

In our multi-age community, students learn to take care of each other,  formally and formally through our Reading Buddies and Helping Hands programs. Older students mentor younger students, who in turn have positive role models to look up to.

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