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Learning at Westside is distinguished by equal measures of rigor and delight; by a close-knit community that calls a beautiful West Seattle campus home; and by our endless passion for ensuring that every child's story is full of limitless possibility


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Stories of Adventure, Discovery and Success, Written Daily.

At Westside School, every child crafts their own story-one that unfolds naturally from their personality, experiences and gifts. Because here, we teach to the whole child-to all the things that make each student uniquely themselves- and support them to explore, stretch, and grow.

"I connected the dots between Bach and rock."

We believe creating is an intrinsic part of learning. That's why all of our classes are opportunities for inquiry, discovery and expression, from core subjects like math and science to classes in music, theater and fine arts. Outside of class, enrichment opportunities like robotics, drama, and art allow students to continue creating as they nurture their emerging passions.

"I learned to follow my questions fearlessly."

From inquiry-driven classroom projects to overnight expeditions, Westside students practice courageous learning. Understanding how you learn and how to express yourself are key parts of the Westside journey.

"I built a robot and suddenly math was everywhere."

With classes capped at 20, teachers form personal relationships that help them uncover the keys to learning for each child. It might mean harnessing the pulling power of a snail to learn about ratio and percent. Or engineering a robot to experience geometry in action. Whatever makes learning matter for your child, our teachers have more opportunity to crack the code.


Westside School re-launches pre-school!

Westside School will once again open its doors to three- and four-year-olds for a half- and full-day preschool program for the fall of 2017. Expanding upon our current pre-kindergarten program, we will offer emergent curriculum focused on experiential learning and inspired by a variety of teaching practices. Preschool students will have access to many of our specialists, such as visual art, performing arts, physical education, and world languages.

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